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bB[oy] Stance

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Doesn’t seem drive-able if I were to own this living in LA, but shit looks good!


Within Dry Grasslands

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A simple xB dumped on Matte Olive Drab BBS RS. They still look nice in flat colors… lol

Very Important People Rock xB’s too!

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VIP’d status first gen Scion xB.

Bagged/hella dumped on Work Eurolines rockin’ the JDM Spirits Avantgarde Collection kit.

Boso Status

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Here’s a couple Bosozoku xB’s.

Interesting, not my steez, but definitely interesting…

That exhaust look pretty cool though, I give props on the work put out making that thing.

The yellow one might be familiar for those who frequent the blog. Practically one of my first car posts I made after starting this blog up earlier this year. (See HmMm JDM Boso Yellow xB Submarine)

Forget what people think about steelies…

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The V-dub crowd has been doing these for a long while, barely caught on onto other cars just a few years ago.

I know those who can afford baller wheels will always talk their shit about other wheels out there. Fuck what others say though. I’ve been heavily considering rocking Diamond Racing steelies on my girlfriend’s bB. It really looks like it belongs on the car. lol.

They’re cheap too…

Hmm polished lip and probably colored centers for me would be the plan!

But it still matters whether I can find everyone’s played out wheels, the BBS RS, for the Scion. Still my wheel of choice at the moment.

So Gutta…

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Dumped xB, flares, KenStyle kit, hella fat Work Meister S1’s = Gutta…fuckin’ gangsta!

This is my ideal way of doing a bB proper!

I for one

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do not think that BBS RS’ are played out. Who gives a fuck what others think! I’m tired of hearing the word “played out” when it comes to having a certain set of wheels.

It beats having fake ass wheels that probably 75% off people who mod their car have…

BBS are classics, timeless! Same goes with any authentic wheels out there! Opinions are subjective anyways, to each their own.

They look great on xB’s/bB’s!!!