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Longo Toyota Presents: The Pursuit 3 at the Toyota Speedway In Irwindale

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Overall this was a great event! I enjoyed it pretty much! Got to see some dope Lexus’ along with other cars outside of the Lexus/Toyota realm. Got to see some dope runs on the 1/8th mile track too!

Here’s a quick teaser below.  You can also click on the link below to be directed to the album on the website’s Facebook page.  Thanks for viewing!

Longo Toyota Presents: The Pursuit 3 at the Toyota Speedway In Irwindale

A Simple Thank You for My Viewers

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I just want to say Thank You to everyone who’s been following the blog!!! I’m truly humbled and appreciate the support! I know I’ve been slow with the updates, but I’m trying to work on a new potential business project venture in which I can later integrate into one day. Well, hopefully!

This would lead to possible products in the future which has been brought up by several of my viewers. The whole idea has taken a while to come into fruition because I want everything to be done correctly.  All of this is still rather new to me.  I’m learning a lot of new things, each and everyday. I’d want to have quality products that I can stand by.  I believe it will be all worth it once it finally picks up steam.

For me, patience is definitely the key, so only time will tell.

It’s tough trying to balance this with work.  I appreciate the patience many of you have!

Once again, Thank you!

Rene Sanchez

Disclaimer: Photo Credit & Ownership

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Track of the Day: Raven Sorvino – “Danger”

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Track of the Day presenting Raven Sorvino with “Danger” Production by Terrence Clayton.

DOWNLOAD: Raven Sorvino – Danger (prod. Terrence Clayton)

Props to the 2DopeBoyz

Become a Fan! “LIKE” The AutoSource on Facebook!

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Locals in the 626/909 area in SoCal, feel free to hit up The Auto Source for your car needs! Please show your support!

If you like The Auto Source, please become a fan on Facebook!

Click on the image below to be redirected to The Auto Source’s fan page.

Damn, 1 Year Later

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One year ago, is the day I started this blog. Steady moving, pacing it…. I know, I know it’s been slow for me to update shit, but it’s tough trying to balance other stuff that I consider priority. It’s a blessing to have folks continue to visit and show their continued support. Once again, I appreciate all the love!

It’s only been a year and I truly feel accomplished at least. Got the views that I never even anticipated. 164K strong at the moment, steady pacing to that 200k milestone!

I promise to do some updates today… lol

Achievement: PROLIFIK-ONE finally reaches 100K Plus Views!

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It’s not a huge feat by others standards, unlike what the major car blogs do, but luckily, I finally reached 6 digits in views!

I’m happy and it gives me the motivation to continue on with this blog!

I admit, this blogging business is some serious work! I give major props to Freddy of RA64Freddy.  This dude’s blog was basically an inspiration to me. I don’t know how you do it bro, but I give it to you for having the dedication to bringing it every single day!  Thanks for the love and setting a standard out there!

Thanks to the homies who supported me on this little side hobby.  Such as Peter of TeamVitz, as well as my girlfriend, Jera. 🙂 Thanks for the love!

Last but not least, a big Thank You for those who took the time to checkout this blog out.  Another Thank You for the returning visitors as well!  Everyone’s support is most definitely appreciated!

Maybe once I hit the next milestone, it’s safe to start making shirts? lol Still an idea. I probably won’t be able to push them, but we’ll see!

Become a Fan! “LIKE” DestronsGarage on Facebook!

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If you’re a fan of carbon fiber wrap, be sure to hit up DestronsGarage! If you like, please become a fan on Facebook.

Click on the image below to be redirected to DestronsGarage’s fan page.

Transfagarasan, Looks Fun…

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Don’t you agree? Not sure where this is, but looks great to drive through…

*Edit: Fellow reader, Ruff Ryder informs me that it’s in his country. Transfagarasan in Romania!

Longo Lexus presents The Pursuit II Recap

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Overall, it was a pretty good turnout! It wasn’t too crowded and not to overwhelming either.  It was nice enough to walk around and hangout with some friends.  I mentioned it wasn’t overwhelming, but there were tons of 2nd gen IS’ along with hella IS-Fs.  I even witnessed a SC spin out and hit the wall on the 1/8th track. Didn’t get it on video, but did get the aftermath on camera.

Met some cool folks too! Made new friends and called it a day!

My girlfriend’s sister was there and won some Eibach springs. lol Pretty shocking since she *cough* found *cough*  the raffle ticket on the ground.

Here are some photos, hit the jump for more photos.


So Siick Saturday: How It’s Made – Aero Race Wheels

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I love this show “How It’s Made”! Especially when they show car part manufacturing. Always a plus!

Here they are making Aero Race wheels.

Hectic Week

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So I started school this week on some medical bs I got myself into. I figured I’d try the field out. Also been trying to get some tees going for the site. I have about 4 designs I want to do. Printed one design out already. I need to find a spot to do the shirts for me instead, I think it’d save me some time and effort. I’ve been doing it all myself, so I take great pride in actually learning the process.

Maybe I’ll try making 3 other tees this weekend and see if anyone would actually be interested in them.

My blog label logo tee design is actually being made later tonight, so I’ll post a few shots once I’m happy with the prints this upcoming week.

Once I get the medical class out the way and completed in the next 2 months, I got some big things in store. Hope the plans pan out the way I want them to be…

Stay tuned!