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Throwback Thursday: Voltron Force presented by Sprite

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Y’all remember this shit from the 90’s? I remember always seeing this during Soul Train commercials. lol

Starring Afrka Bambaataa, Goodie Mob, Common, Fat Joe, and Mack 10.

I always loved Sprite’s marketing utilizing hip hop acts in the 90’s.

All 5 parts play one after the other, so let them keep playing after the first one finishes to see all 5 parts.

Voltron: Defenders of the Universe Concept Art Surfaces

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The long rumored Voltron live action movie seems to gaining steam once again. Atlas Entertainment apparently has taken over the project and has hired screenwriting tag-team of Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer to write the script.

Here are some concept photos for Atlas Entertainment’s pitch to get the film picked up in the near future. Artwork by Oblivion artist, Andree Wallin.

Yellow Lion vs Robeast

Blue Lion. Never imagined the scale would be that huge. haha Didn’t really realize that as I watched the show as a kid.

Looks pretty dope! Very Michael Bay/Transformers like though. Hopefully they stray away from that and go towards more OG-like look to it.