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TRON Legacy (Official Trailer #3)

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This movie still looks interesting to me despite what others try to say.

Throwback Thursday: Tron Trailer (1982)

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Since I posted the Tron Legacy trailer earlier this week, I might as well post up the original trailer to Tron for Throwback Thursday.

TRON Legacy (TRON 2) Official Trailer

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The first TRON film hit theaters back in 1982. 28 years later, Jeff Bridges reprises his role as computer programmer, Kevin Flynn. The Master Control Program is booted up once again and ready to take charge. In this sequel; Kevin Flynn’s son, Sam, must find his father who has been trapped in the electronic surreal world.

I was only two years old when this came out, but I’ve seen it a few years after its release as a kid. My memory is a bit hazy, so I should re-familiarize myself by seeing the first one once again. I’m looking forward to this sequel. It looks visually stunning as it did with the original during its age of special effects.