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Leaked Lexus GS350 AWD Photos

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Seems that photos of the next gen Lexus GS was leaked. All I have to say is… MEH….

I honestly don’t know what to think of it. It just looks awfully plain. Very boring! As much as I’m a Toyota fanboy, I’m kinda disappointed on how they arrived with this final design.


Those headlights is just reminscent of the IS series, while the rear reminds me of something that can be found on a  Kia/Hyundai. I really hope the next gen IS looks a lot better than this! I believe the IS is the only thing keeping Lexus alive at the moment in terms of style and performance (other than the hype that the LF-A has created)

2011 Scion xB

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Well, the 2011 Scion xB gets a face lift already. Apparently, not everyone was thrilled with the second generation xB. Changes includes redesigned headlights, front bumper, taillights, and a rear bumper. The headlights get an obvious change up, it’s a different shape compared to the original. They finally get rid of the single rear back up light in the rear bumper and have them integrated in the actual taillights now. In place of where the reverse light originally was, they have placed reflectors. Other then that, the changes appear to be subtle.

Could this be a sign that Scion’s designing is falling off? At this rate, they need to reassess their goals with what they want to do with the brand. It’s not looking good in my opinion and they really need to step their game up.

The redesigned tC doesn’t look breath taking either as seen here <2011 Scion tC>


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Toyota Motor Company announces that it will be entering the 24 Hours Nürburgring endurance race. Here is the following press release:

Tokyo—TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC), which views motor sports as an ideal medium for conveying the dreams and excitement associated with motor vehicles, announces that it will continue to promote motor-sports activities as a key means of bringing more joy to people through automobiles.  TMC’s effort this year will not only reinforce its support for motor sports, but also bolster its grass-roots motor-sports activities, thereby creating more opportunities for people to easily experience the joy that motor vehicles can offer.

Motor Sports
In Japan, TMC will seek to win its second consecutive title in the Super GT GT500 class with the Lexus “SC430”, following its victory last year in both the driver and team categories.  TMC will also continue to supply engines to the Japanese championship Formula Nippon, the top category of formula car racing in Japan, with the goal of recapturing the title with a Toyota-powered car.

In the United States, meanwhile, TMC will race the Toyota “Camry” in the NASCAR pinnacle Sprint Cup Series.  TMC will also aim to win the Nationwide Series, where it has won the manufacturer’s title two times in a row along with winning its first driver title last year.  This year TMC will again race its Toyota “Tundra” in the Camping World Truck Series, hoping to extend its winning streak after having already won the manufacturer’s title for four consecutive years.

Grass-roots Motor Sports
TMC will enhance its support of consumer-participation motor sports through its GAZOO Racing1 activities, which are designed to spread the joy and dreams that motor vehicles offer.  A number of programs will be held at the Fujispeedway Motorsports Dream 2010 in late March, and TMC will incorporate feedback from participants to improve the programs and increase opportunities for even more people to participate.  In addition, TMC will enter the Lexus “LFA” in the 24 Hours Nürburgring endurance race2 for the third time.  Competing in this grueling race directly will allow TMC to toughen its vehicles, while the hands-on participation of TMC personnel will also help foster the caliber of personnel needed to create outstanding vehicles.

TMC will also continue the Toyota Young Drivers Program (TDP), which aims to train the world-class drivers of the future.  This year the program will assist eight drivers, including Kamui Kobayashi, who is expected to make great progress this season.

Furthermore, to promote environmentally friendly motor sports and to improve the efficiency of hybrid systems (including those for production vehicles), TMC will continue developing hybrid systems for motor sports.