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GT86 Awesomeness

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Saw this via Stanceworks. One fuckin’ clean photoshop of an 86 hella dropped on SSR Professor SP1’s.

Damn, seeing how they would look done up, makes me want one even more. Besides the fact that it use to remind me of the Celica I once had.

TRD Sports Track Competition Package 86

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Aww yeah! I really can’t wait for this car! I think I’m going to get one once it drops.

Here’s the “NO” version. Notice the bronze TE37’s. My color wheel and style of choice!

Here’s the “N1” version

via JonSibal

More of the Toyota GT86

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Saw 7tune post this one. That big ass wing is very reminiscent of the Supra.

Here’s a video of several production models of the 86 being driven.

Official FT-86 Production Name: The “86”

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For those who are anticipating for the Toyota FT-86, along with it’s cousins the Scion FR-S, and Subaru BRZ; the official production name for the Toyota version will be the 86.  The European version will be called the GT-86. I feel bad for all the forums and websites who based their name with the “FT” in it. lol I guess time to register a new domain name.


source: Jalopnik

Replacing Emoji...

TOYOTA FT-86 Devoted to Innovation

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I can’t wait! Want.

New FT-86 Concept II Teaser

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I want this car! Either in Toyota (not the Scion version) or the Subaru “BRZ” version.

2011 Geneva Auto Show: Toyota FT-86 II Concept

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I’m definitely feeling this car! It’ll obviously be a bit toned down for the production version, which is good since some aspects of the car is a tad overdone. Toyota, please keep it as a Toyota (No Scion please), this is a step forward to being the old fun Toyota we once knew.

Then again, the Subaru version sounds a lot more promising. AWD STI version in the works? Hmmmmm