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Visual Dopeness: SXE10 Crew x Edwin Beard – “The Chosen”

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The Dominican Republic runs the SXE10 game! Dope visuals by Mr. Edwin Beard which feature’s D.R.’s SXE10 crew entitled, The Chosen.

This video is on point with the cars along with the videography! Thumbs up fasho!

My Quest Continues

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in search for this JDM front for my Lex IS. Just attained the JDM rear bumper with the TRD Neo rear lip. JDM fenders with the sidemarker cutout have been bought and on it’s way from overseas. Having a difficult time finding the front in great shape for a “decent” price. I’m patient, but not willing to heavily pay for it.

Love it. So simple, nothing overly aggressive either, plus OEM is always a plus. I’ve always been a TRD fan with all the Toyotas I’ve owned.

Rollin’ Deep

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The SXE10 Crew of the Dominican Replublic got a dope lineup of Lexus ISx00’s

Lovin’ This Angle

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I’m trying to get inspiration on what to do with my IS, just gathering parts for now, but damn, my mind keeps swaying on other ideas.

Dope _XE-10 from the SXE-10 crew.

Ireland’s Import of Mistaken Identity

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This Altezza from Ireland isn’t just any ordinary Beams 3s-gte powered Toyota sedan; it’s gone through quite an overhaul. One thing to mention, the owner ditched the Beams powerplant in mind for a SR20.

DAAAAMN Gina! This shit is kinda dope, although I think the over fenders look a bit off. Wish the owner filled it in and smoothed it out some more; then again, it isn’t my car. That rear fitment is ridiculous though! I’m loving the overall color of both the car and wheels!

Camber Driven

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Man, once I finish with my IS, hope to have it sitting like this, well not that much camber. lol

I hella need that JDM NEO front!!!

Rear Shots Never Get Old

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If It Fits, It Works…

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Yes, those are Nismo LMGT4 wheels on an IS.  Looks good!

photo by Ryan Herington

Damn, on point

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Wheel fitment and drop are ridiculous!

Baby blue SSR Koenig WRV

Damn I’m feelin’ it

Love, Altezzas Galore!

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Damn, never seen so many at once on a track…

I need that JDM front and JDM TRD lip for mine!

Mr. Westman’s Properly fitted Lexus IS300

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Travis Westman is a member of the IS300 forums I post on, His Graphite Gray Pearl Lexus IS300 is a good example of great stance in my opinion.  If you’re not a fan of wheels with a lot of poke or extreme stretch, than this look should be more of your taste. The wheels don’t stick out too much, the offsets are practically on point! The height too is perfect!

Damn, I love how this sits!

The specs on the wheels are:

Enkei RPF1‘s

Fronts: 18×9+35

Rears: 18×10+38

Sitting nicely in my opinion. Nothing over the top. Functionality + form, unlike having one or the other.

Friday Car Vent/Plea: “HOOK A HOMIE UP?”

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So I decided it was time to work on my car again. I was in no rush to fix up my Lexus IS300 due to other priorities. After being laid off from my wack ass job in January (after 2 years of unhappiness); I thought it was time to be productive while I was unemployed.

I longed for the TRD body kit for the IS/Altezza. Since Lexus discontinued the L-Tuned kits along with that branding; I still had the JDM option. Toyota was still producing the JDM versions of these kits dubbed as the Neo v1 and the Neo v2 for a good while, up until a few months ago. I found out 2 weeks back from my JDM supplier dude that they have been discontinued. Quite saddened about the news, a new journey began. I’ve began my hunt on finding them eventually. There still has to be some floating around in Japan somewhere new in their packaging. I see all these fools selling their used banged up painted TRD Neos for rape prices on all the Lexus IS related forums. Fuck that! I’m not that desperate! Well, not that desperate as of yet.

There’s dudes selling that front bumper alone for $1500 plus bucks! When I could of purchased it from my JDM dude, Nigel, for $550 brand new! OEM Polyurethane for under $600 bucks!

I know…I know! I’m aware of the phrase “You gotta pay to play” in the world of car modding; but I also believe in having a reasonable sense when buying car parts! Not all rare authentic car parts have to come at a  ridiculous price. Having patience helps find those good deals too! 

Yeah, I might sound desperate now, but if anyone knows anyone with an Altezza JDM TRD Neo Front Bumper along with a JDM Spec OEM bumper with the TRD Neo rear lip for sale… PLEASE HOLLA AT ME! Here’s references to the parts I need:

TRD Neo v1 Front:

OEM JDM rear bumper with TRD Neo Rear Lip.

I only have the authentic sides and the fogs. I consider myself a purist when it comes to cars, so I don’t think I’ll settle for a replica. That’s my last resort for now.  If I can’t find these at a decent price by summer time, then I’ll go for the crappy replicas out there.

Update Summer 2010: I scored a JDM rear bumper and TRD Neo rear lip. Just need the damn front bumper!