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Visual Dopeness: BRZ vs 86 vs Miata

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Yeah, I’m still riding the hype train of the new Toyota x Subaru project. Watch the 86 and the BRZ battle it out with a Miata in the mix. It’s pretty predictable who wins though. lol

Visual Dopeness: SUBARU BRZ Development

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I’m still anticipating seeing this car soon. Interesting video on the development of this car. Sorta excited to see the Scion FRS next week at T.O.R.C!

In 86 We TRUST

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It’s only a rendering (looks real though!), but this is what was thought up if Tra Kyoto were to work with Greddy on a Toyota 86.

Widebody 86. I’m hella feeling it.

Visual Dopeness: Max Orido x Toyota 86 x 2UR-GSE V8

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Wow! Totally want! Beast status! This is what you get when you throw in the V8 from the IS-F into the new Toyota 86, then have a skilled Super GT driver like Max Orido behind the wheel.

Top View Gorgeousness

Posted in Cars with tags , , , on February 14, 2012 by prolifik1

Can’t wait to see the Subaru and Scion versions of the 86 here in the states! I want a Toyota version so I’ll probably consider the Scion and rebadge it. LOL 🙂

Really want one! Looks fun to drive!

Here’s a top view version of the TRD version of the 86.

Akio Toyoda x Toyota 86

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It’s cool to see CEO’s get hands on with their car products. One great example is Akio Toyoda, CEO of Toyota. He took several runs with the LF-A at the 24 hours of Nurburgring, now he gets his hands on a 86 and tests out what it can do.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 Goodness: Vertex Edge Prototype Toyota 86

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Here’s Vertex’s Edge Prototype wide body kit for the Toyota 86.

In love.

Toyota 86 In HKS Clothing

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Some Tokyo Auto Salon goodness.

via Jon Sibal

GT86 Awesomeness

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Saw this via Stanceworks. One fuckin’ clean photoshop of an 86 hella dropped on SSR Professor SP1’s.

Damn, seeing how they would look done up, makes me want one even more. Besides the fact that it use to remind me of the Celica I once had.

Trifecta Completion: Introducing the Scion FR-S

Posted in Cars with tags , , , on November 30, 2011 by prolifik1

The last and final Toyota/Subaru collabo was finally unveiled earlier tonight.

Introducing the Scion FR-S which the United States will be receiving (unfortunately) I guess I’ll be re-badging everything and putting Toyota emblems on it if I ever decide to get one. lol

Not much of a surprise, all practically similar with the obvious of having different nameplates.

via AutoBlog

TRD Sports Track Competition Package 86

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Aww yeah! I really can’t wait for this car! I think I’m going to get one once it drops.

Here’s the “NO” version. Notice the bronze TE37’s. My color wheel and style of choice!

Here’s the “N1” version

via JonSibal

More of the Toyota GT86

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Saw 7tune post this one. That big ass wing is very reminiscent of the Supra.

Here’s a video of several production models of the 86 being driven.