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Random Ruckus of the Day: Mellow Yellow

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Ruckus’ with a fat dish in the rear is always a plus in my book. The Bride wrapped seat and carbon fiber battery box is a bonus…

Random Ruckus of the Day: Low Ridin’

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Bagged siickness. Quite a useless mod, but still siick none the less!

Random Ruckus of the Day: Just unloaded

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This thing seems to have gone places…

Looks like another fun ride through the city. I’m close to being suckered onto the bandwagon. I must resist…

Random Ruckus of the Day

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Random Ruckus of the Day: Myrtle Turtle

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One clean ass Ruckus!


Engine Performance:
Yasuni C16 Exhaust
Stage6 Aluminum 70cc Racing Kit
Stage6 Moto Tassanari Reed Cage
Stage6 Needle Bearing
Stage6 Main Jet Kit
Stage6 Slow Jet Kit
NGK Racing Sparkplug Cable
AGT Ported Intake Manifold
Keihin Fuel Pump
Keihin PE20 Carb
Orange Fuel Line
Motul 710 Oil

Stage6 Adjustable Clutch
Stage6 Clutch Bell
Stage6 EVO Kickstarter
Stage6 Kevlar Variator Belt
Stage6 Contra Spring
Malossi Variator
Dr. Pulley Slider Weights

Clubman Drop Bars
MSR Steering Clamp
Stealth Gold Bar Ends
Nice Grips
Stage6 Quick Throttle

KillerScooter Mounts
KillerScooter Floating Shock
Bride Seat
Honda Wing Valve Caps
KN Kikaku Brake Arm
Burial Exhaust Chamber Guard
PWJDM Washer
Titanium Bolts & Nuts
Stainless Bolts & Nuts
Gallery Fresh Bolt Kit
Gallery Fresh Main Frame Kit
Zoomania Gold Frame Caps
SJ Side Steps
Pickup Cup Holder
Metropolitan Fuel Tank
Kijima Chrome Gas Cap
Burial Exhaust Chamber Guard
Zoomania Headlight Bracket
Sanjuro Tail Light BracketT
Bowls Low Seat Frame
Dorby Gold Posh Kickstand

RRGS Axle Puller
BMF 40mm Low Down Forks
Bitubo 265mm Rear Shock
Daytona Nissin Brake Master Cylinder
Daytona Stainless Steel Brake Line
Brembo Brake Caliper
KN Kikaku 220mm Caliper Adapter
RPM 220mm Slotted Rotor
ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid

Piaa P-3000 Headlight
H3 LED Bulb
Waipoint Brake Light
Kijima Front Turn Signals
Posh Rear Turn Signals
Acewell 2752 Meter
Stage6 EGT Meter
Stage6 Fuel Meter
Techflex Loom

Vredestein Staccata 100/80/10 Tire
Vredestein Staccata 140/70/10 Tire
Dio ZX 10” Front Wheel
Grand Axis 12” Rear Wheel
Daytona Wheel Spacers

Body Work:
OEM OD Green Battery Box
PWJDM Carbon Kevlar Air Scoop
PWJDM Carbon Kevlar Front Fender
PWJDM Carbon Kevlar Gas Tank Cover
Matte Black Powdercoat

enjoy the video…more to come.

via ARunto of Total Ruckus