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Throwback Thursday: Who is Johnny Kilroy?

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Man, I remember this back in the day as an 8th grader in junior high school. This was when MJ first retired so they made these Nike Johnny Kilroy commercials showing how he would go in disguise just so he can stay within the game.

MJ wasn’t the nicest of people in terms of attitude and what not, but you most definitely have to respect the passion he had for playing basketball. True love for the game!

Here’s a look back at one of the commericals for the Air Jordan IX.

Throwback Thursday: Dilated Peoples – “The Platform”

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Let’s go 10 years back when music was good! Reppin my town, the city of L.A., here’s Dilated with “The Platform”

Throwback Thursday: AZ featuring Miss Jones – “Sugar Hill” (Official Video)

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Haven’t done Throwback Thursday in a good minute.  My gf suggested this video. Y’all remember this shit?

I sure do!

Here’s AZ featuring Miss Jones with “Sugar Hill”

Throwback Thursday: Jurassic 5 “The Influence”

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Here’s Jurassic 5 with the “Influence” from their album, Quality Control