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OriginalFake Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

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It’s that time where brands premiere their new 2010 Spring/Summer line. With no excepetion, OriginalFake comes through with their latest assortment of various articles of clothing for their Spring/Summer collection.

As you can see below, they include various graphic tees, hooded jackets, and bermuda shorts which come in chino and cargo cuts. These will be available at participating OriginalFake accounts.

What is pictured below is just some of the items in the Spring/Summer line up.

via Hypebeast

CANIBEAT Collection now available

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Canibeat is now expanding into their own clothing collection. Their debut begins with a limited run of a heather grey tee sporting the Canibeat box sticker logo. If you support the movement, get yours today! Pink and Teal box stickers are now in stock. Click on the respective image to purchase the items.

Pink Canibeat Box Logo Sticker

Teal Canibeat Box Logo Sticker