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Visual Dopeness: SXE10 Crew x Edwin Beard – “The Chosen”

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The Dominican Republic runs the SXE10 game! Dope visuals by Mr. Edwin Beard which feature’s D.R.’s SXE10 crew entitled, The Chosen.

This video is on point with the cars along with the videography! Thumbs up fasho!

Lovin’ This Angle

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I’m trying to get inspiration on what to do with my IS, just gathering parts for now, but damn, my mind keeps swaying on other ideas.

Dope _XE-10 from the SXE-10 crew.

Love, Altezzas Galore!

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Damn, never seen so many at once on a track…

I need that JDM front and JDM TRD lip for mine!

Mr. Westman’s Properly fitted Lexus IS300

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Travis Westman is a member of the IS300 forums I post on, His Graphite Gray Pearl Lexus IS300 is a good example of great stance in my opinion.  If you’re not a fan of wheels with a lot of poke or extreme stretch, than this look should be more of your taste. The wheels don’t stick out too much, the offsets are practically on point! The height too is perfect!

Damn, I love how this sits!

The specs on the wheels are:

Enkei RPF1‘s

Fronts: 18×9+35

Rears: 18×10+38

Sitting nicely in my opinion. Nothing over the top. Functionality + form, unlike having one or the other.