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Gold Diamonds

Posted in Cars with tags , , , , , , , , , on June 23, 2011 by prolifik1

Desktop cleanup time. lol. Posting stuff I collected on the weekends of browsing forums and blogs.

A nice green Corolla coupe on gold diamond steelies… Looks pretty good!

For those curious, fitment specs are:

front – 15×10 -38 195/50
rear – 15×10 -42 205/50

Forget what people think about steelies…

Posted in Cars with tags , , , , , , , , , on July 11, 2010 by prolifik1

The V-dub crowd has been doing these for a long while, barely caught on onto other cars just a few years ago.

I know those who can afford baller wheels will always talk their shit about other wheels out there. Fuck what others say though. I’ve been heavily considering rocking Diamond Racing steelies on my girlfriend’s bB. It really looks like it belongs on the car. lol.

They’re cheap too…

Hmm polished lip and probably colored centers for me would be the plan!

But it still matters whether I can find everyone’s played out wheels, the BBS RS, for the Scion. Still my wheel of choice at the moment.

One of the cleanest CB7’s I’ve seen

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Never really saw a clean CB7 before. Usually, around my area, they’re just ghettofied. Hella dumped on some wack chrome wheels with eBay fart can exhaust; bumping music from a raggedy ass system.

In general, just haven’t seen this car done with justice.

This one is an exception…


Never thought steelies could look this dope. Everyone is on that diamond wheel bandwagon now. All good, I can’t knock it… looks rather cool to me too!

Minty green roadster

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I like this Miata for some reason.

It must be the color, wheels, and hardtop combo…

This rear shot is dope!

Photos courtesy of keychain and rockytwong