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CIB Collection: New Canibeat Tees and stickers now available

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More items  have dropped once again into the CIB collection. Two new Canibeat tees are now in stock! The “handstyle” tee comes in either white or black.




The dots Box Logo sticker now come in two new colors! Green and blue…




CANIBEAT License Plate Frames and 2 new Box Logo Stickers out now!

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Canibeat has just released a few new items from their new CIB collection. A limited run on license plates are now available.

Two new colors for the box logo stickers have also dropped…

Purple and Pink:

Black and Grey:


CANIBEAT Collection now available

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Canibeat is now expanding into their own clothing collection. Their debut begins with a limited run of a heather grey tee sporting the Canibeat box sticker logo. If you support the movement, get yours today! Pink and Teal box stickers are now in stock. Click on the respective image to purchase the items.

Pink Canibeat Box Logo Sticker

Teal Canibeat Box Logo Sticker

OG JDM EGO™ Vinyl Stickers are back in stock!

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OG JDM EGO™ quote bubble and crossbones vinyl stickers are back in stock which can be purchased at the JDM EGO Direct. Quote bubble sticker available in red, while the crossbones one come in baby blue, yellow, and pink. Price is $2.25 per sticker shipped!

Fresh Friday: One Dumped FA5

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Saw this over at Rolling Republic, owner is unknown… Despite the owner being a mystery, that is one fresh Civic! That thing is dumped! I love the stance!

Mag Blue Monday…

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It’s that time of the month again, it’s Mag Blue Monday! First Monday of the month is dedicated to anything mag blue colored from the Ray’s Engineering wheel line.

Man, these are just plain sick…

I LOVE the stance on this photo!

HELLA FLUSH IV status update…

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I hope the Fatlace/HellaFlush family are able to host the show today in the lovely island of Oahu. Due to the earthquake in Chile yesterday, there was a Tsunami watch placed along the whole Pacific coastal area which included Hawaii and California. The show was delayed until Sunday. Hopefully, the weather cooperates in the area so the show can begin.

Stay tuned @HELLAFLUSH for further updates…

Update via HELLAFLUSH, show is rolling through! They’re setting up from 8am-11am. The show begins 11am-4pm. I can’t wait for the recap!

SO SIICK Saturday: Drift Alliance “off seasons”

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Saw this video off Stanceworks and thought that it deserves a re-post here. Real talk, replay worthy! Here’s Ryan Tuerck of Formula D fame in some S13 goodnes, off seasons

New CANIBEAT stickers now in stock…

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They can be purchased here: CANIBEAT

Prices: (Your choice of color(s))

Metallic Gold w/ Black Font

Metallic Silver w/ Black Font

(1) 8.5″x2.75″ sticker $3 shipped
8.5″x2.75″ stickers $5 shipped
(10) 8.5″x2.75″ (Crew/Team Deal) stickers $20 shipped