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All in the Family

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A couple of cousins chillen…

photo by Beyond Sight Photography

Not Bad

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Some people should know by now I’m a Toyota fanboy, but for some reason. I kinda hate Scion tC’s. lol

Maybe it’s because it’s a Toyota equivalent to the Honda Civic. I see them daily here in So Cal.

Plus, I’ve see too many that are over done. I guess with age, I’ve grown accustomed to simplicity when it comes to certain cars.

This one is one tC that I like. I won’t get into my dislike with trendy stuff such as roof racks that aren’t used by the owner (I do apologize if they are actually used), but this one gets a pass!

A perfect drop on some BBS RS. So easy on the eyes….

15th Annual T.O.R.C 2010 Toyotafest Recap – Misc Toyotas

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Here are other Toyotas such as Scion xBs, Xb2’s, the Venza, Matrixes, and some Yaris’.

Hawaiian Dopeness!

One of my favorite xB’s! Love the stance on this thing, especially those BBS RS! Holy shit, just look at those lips!

More dopeness! BOWLS‘ Scion xB2 truck equipped with matching colored Honda Ruckus… fucking awesome!

Some Toyota Matrixes

I’m not really a fan of the Matrix, but the color on this one was nice! Not bad of a set up either…

Umm wow… no comment really…

Here’s some Toyota Yaris’/Vitz’s

Umm Billabong Venza

2011 Scion tC (2nd Generation)

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Scion debuts the 2nd generation Scion tC at the New York International Auto Show yesterday. I like this better than the first generation. A bit more refined, but doesn’t seem much of a change from the 1st gen. I find it funny that they define the 2nd gen as “masculine” since the 1st gen was an obvious chick car.

A few specs are:

  • Aggressive/ “Masculine”
  • 2.5 Liter Inline 4 (up from the 2.4 Liter from the 1st generation)
  • 180 horsepower and 173 foot pounds of torque (up 20horsepower and 11 foot pounds of torque from the 1st gen)
  • “Sport tuned” suspension
  • Electronic Steering
  • Six-Speed Automatic (Sequential Shift) Transmission
  • Six-Speed Manual Transmission
  • 18″ OEM Wheels
  • Scion claims 16 inch front rotors (I want to see that to believe it)
  • Interesting flat bottom steering wheel

For additional info check out Autoblog’s article as well as for additional photos. <2011 Scion tC 2nd generation>

Turbo Tuesday: Chris Rado and his 1000+ HP Scion tC!

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Scion gets a lot of hate by car enthusiasts in general. I feel as if they don’t get the respect that they deserve like their older Toyota/Lexus brothers. A lot of you Scion haters can’t front though, Chris Rado’s Scion Time Attack tC is one siick ass beast! With records broken and races won in 2009; Mr. Rado will continue to reign throughout 2010. Watch this video as it blows away some of your favorite cars in its class. Impressive….

Yes, that ugly ass wing on the front is function over fashion. It is indeed functional. Having a FWD with 1000 plus horsepower, that much down force will be required.

These days are long gone now since it’s supposedly going through an AWD transformation. Can’t wait what until they get their hands on the LF-A.

Turbo Tuesday: GT-R vs Scion tC Drift Cars

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I’ll be dedicating Tuesdays on anything related to boost.

Here’s a drift video of a new Nissan GT-R (R35) battling it out with a SR Scion tC with a boosted 2.2L engine pushing 450 hp driven by Ken Gushi. The Rockstar tC is driven by Tanner Foust sporting a Nascar TRD engine pushing 650hp all motor. Both tCs have been converted to RWD application.

The Rockstar tC sounds awesome!