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Track Oriented

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One sexy S15

Spit flames

Some rear end goodness too


Sexy Contours

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Damn, so lovely!

TE37 Love

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Sorry it’s been hella slow. Just getting packed up for vacation over the next week. Stoked! Much needed get away!

Here’s one dope ass S15 rockin’ the black TE37’s.

The yellow is hella vibrant, it works!

Yup, that’s what its all about!

Ass Shot!

Photography by Chris Brasher


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Not much to say but pure dopeness! Definitely can’t go wrong having a 2JZ in this, which makes it even nicer through my eyes.

Authentic wheel enthusiasts may frown upon the wheels, they’re Rota GTR-D’s.

Regardless, still doesn’t take away from the car itself. It’s dope!

Yup, rear view stance = awesome!

Super Clean Silvia

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This Vertex S15 is hella clean!!! One day I want to import one! lol

This was featured in Turbo mag a while ago, but was one of my favorites. Any S chassis in white always comes out dope in my opinion.

On Ray’s Gram Lights 57S-Pros in a Titanium Finish

In all its glory

Gotta have the $ rolling shot!


Quite A Variety of Awesomeness!

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Use a Nissan Varietta with a Supermade Instant Gentleman Kit along with huge OEM 7 series wheels and you get one fuckin’ awesome car!

Sunday Siickness: “Long Time No Togue”

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“Long Time no Togue” by Rob R of Japan showcasing his skill in his newly picked up USDM 240sx. He makes it seem effortless.

SO SIICK Saturday: Drift Alliance “off seasons”

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Saw this video off Stanceworks and thought that it deserves a re-post here. Real talk, replay worthy! Here’s Ryan Tuerck of Formula D fame in some S13 goodnes, off seasons

GT-R…Holy Shit!!!…!!!

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I was browsing the attic’s blog and saw this video of BBI testing out an oil cooler on a GT-R while pushing it to the limits canyon carving. Thankfully the driver was pro and didn’t crash or hurt anyone. I wouldn’t be as calm as the dude in the passenger seat if I were him…LOL

attic credits Vito of the Hundreds for the find…

RETRO CAR STORY FLASHBACK: Warning – Noob driving at its finest…

Back in the Summer of 2009, this dude thought he was the shit after buying a new Pearl White GT-R.  Dude must’ve been watching Initial D a bit too much and thought he would give it a try in his new ride. The outcome can be seen in this video. This happened in the local Glendora Mountain road near where I live. What a waste of a perfectly nice car…

I’m curious to know what his excuse was to the authorities along with his insurance company. Looks totaled to me…