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Visual Dopeness: Green Lantern Wondercon Trailer

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The first trailer for Green Lantern look wack as hell. They released the 2nd on at the Wondercon Expo this past week.

All I have to say, is this is the movie that I’m highly anticipating.  They seem to have improved the visuals. It can be better, but it’s a step up from what was shown with the first trailer.

This summer: Green Lantern > Thor, Captain America, and Transformers Dark of the Moon. Hopefully I’m not disappointed.

I’m not even a fan of DC either. lol

The Green Lantern (Official Trailer)

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Looks interesting. The feel of the whole movie is not what I expected though.  They should let Chris Nolan of the current Batman franchise direct the DC films these days.

First Photo of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern

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I’m getting a bit hyped over the new Green Lantern live action movie starring Ryan Reynolds.

It definitely has potential! Can be the next big DC film, other than the Batman Franchise; well Superman too, but the last one sucked hella bad!

Here’s Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan