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Re-Up: Ron Artest featuring T-Pain – “Champions” (Remix)

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Well, looks like T-Pain jumped onto the Ron Artest, “Champions” track. Ggggggmix!

Ron Artest – “Champions”

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Some of you may remember how off Ron Artest was with his flow. If you don’t know what I mean, check out his Michael Jackson tribute after MJ’s passing, pretty damn horrible

But Ron is back with something new. In celebration of his first NBA ring, he recorded a new track called “Champions”

I can’t lie, Ron came through correct with this song, it might not be the best song out there for an NBA star, but it just goes to show that he’s improved.

Congrats Ron!

NBA FINALS 2010: Game 7 – DO OR DIE!

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It’s Game 7 NBA FANS! The series can’t get any better than this! I see the Lakers putting in another pounding tonight like they did Game 6. I’ll leave it at that. If I’m wrong, shoot me… lol

I’ll be quiet for now, I’ll talk my shit if and when the Lakers win… Enjoy the game tonight folks!

Time: 6:00pm/9:00pm

Channel: ABC


LAKERS!!! Let’s DEFEND that title!

NBA Finals Game 6: The Boston Celtics vs The Los Angeles Lakers

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Tonight is the night, tonight is Game 6 between the Boston Celtics vs the Los Angeles Lakers.

Laker fans, it’s DO OR DIE for our Los Angeles Lakers! I just hope they pull it together, I’d like to remain confident and positive, but this shit is nerve racking. Yes, I’m worried. lol

All I have to say is the Lakers need to get their defense going! Not to mention, they need to get on their defensive and offensive rebound going too. They’re getting killed on the boards and they’re giving the Celtics way too many second chances.

Also, Kobe Bryant is human! He can’t do it himself! The rest of the Lakers need to step up and help their fellow leader out! They can’t be just sitting there doing nothing, like they did in Game 5.

Too much shit to vent about this team, but I’ll leave it up to them to redeem themselves tonight.



Let’s save our season tonight!!!

Time: 6:00pm Pacific /9:00pm Eastern

Channel: ABC

NBA Finals: Game Five Down – The Celtics get the best of the Lakers at home…

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The Celtics take another win at home to take a series lead, 3 games to 2. Question is, did the Celtics outplay the Lakers? or did the refs? I hate to pin it on that since that’s the excuse that us fans would like to make, but you be the judge. It just becomes quite frustrating but I still have confidence in my Lakers. With all the conspiracies surrounding the Finals officiating, I believe that it would go 7 games. Championship sports rely on ratings and revenues.  Knowing commissioner, David Stern, it’s some bs that I see happening. I see it going 7…

The Lakers couldn’t get the win tonight, so it’s now desperation time as we head back to Los Angeles. The last two games are in LA. Will we see a repeat of the 2008 NBA Finals? Only time will tell. I sure as hope that we do not witness a repeat of 08. I’d be on disgruntled fan…

It’s do or die now for the Los Angeles Lakers come Tuesday.

NBA Finals Game 5: The Los Angeles Lakers vs The Boston Celtics

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Game 5, the series is now tied at 2 games a piece. I’m a bit nervous. It’ll kill me if the Celtics go up 3 games to 2. I have confidence in my Lakers though.

They definitely got out played last series. Their defense wasn’t up to par because how in the hell does Glen “Big Baby” Davis get 18 points? If that dude gets double digits in scoring, then it tells you that something is definitely up with the Lakers’ D. That’s no excuse…

lol I don’t have much to say, it stresses me out just thinking about Game 5.  Not to mention, the bandwagon Celtic fans within my friends are getting hella annoying!



Time: 5:00pm Pacific /8:00pm Eastern

Channel: ABC

NBA Finals: Game Four Down – The Boston Celtics tie the series!

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The Celtics tie the series by taking Game 4! The series is now tied at 2 games a piece. Glen “Big Baby” Davis had a big game by having 18 points along with 5 rebounds. The bench was the key tonight for the Celtics. Everyone was on point with scoring.

The Lakers couldn’t hang with the Celtics pace this time around. It’s all good.  I’m kinda bummed, but oh well. We still have Sunday to look forward to! Plus side to this is that we’re heading back to LA for Game 6 and 7 if necessary. Regardless, it’s being won at home! It’s practically what Paul Pierce didn’t want. Dude jinxed it

Game 5 is on Sunday night at 6:00pm Pacific/9:00pm Eastern on ABC.