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Visual Dopeness: Real Time Face Substitution

Posted in Technology, Visual Dopeness with tags , , on September 20, 2011 by prolifik1

This is seriously dope! It’s obviously not perfect, but just imagine the fun someone can have with this?  Just imagine trying to mess with someone on the iPhone’s Facetime or any other phone’s video conference feature.

Here’s the developer Arturo Castro who had developed a face tracking software that operates in real time which can digitally substitute his face with any of the 3D rendered faces he provides.  With this real time features, he can apply any face that he has rendered in 3D onto his very own which matches the placement on the eyes, chin, cheeks and mouth.  Just peep the video for the demonstration.  At first I thought it was unimpressive, until I started seeing some of the faces looking dead on to their actual counterparts. Pretty creepy!

via Gizmodo