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Achievement: PROLIFIK-ONE finally reaches 100K Plus Views!

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It’s not a huge feat by others standards, unlike what the major car blogs do, but luckily, I finally reached 6 digits in views!

I’m happy and it gives me the motivation to continue on with this blog!

I admit, this blogging business is some serious work! I give major props to Freddy of RA64Freddy.  This dude’s blog was basically an inspiration to me. I don’t know how you do it bro, but I give it to you for having the dedication to bringing it every single day!  Thanks for the love and setting a standard out there!

Thanks to the homies who supported me on this little side hobby.  Such as Peter of TeamVitz, as well as my girlfriend, Jera. 🙂 Thanks for the love!

Last but not least, a big Thank You for those who took the time to checkout this blog out.  Another Thank You for the returning visitors as well!  Everyone’s support is most definitely appreciated!

Maybe once I hit the next milestone, it’s safe to start making shirts? lol Still an idea. I probably won’t be able to push them, but we’ll see!

MmMm Awesome Color!

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Was browsing through RA64Freddy‘s blog and ran into this Mitsubishi Diamante.  I fuckin’ jock this color!!! This was a similar shade that I had planned to paint my 7th gen Celica when I still had it. It was a toss up between the BMW and Lexus version of this metallic brown.

Never even seen a Diamante done up before either…

WTF? AE86 Levin Wagon?

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Saw this over at RA64Freddy’s website.

Can it be? An AE86 Panda Wagon???

Are you fuckin serious???

Sorry Freddy, I had to debunk this! Our eyes were deceiving us… too much of a tease! Unfortunately, it was a photoshop!