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Luck or Skill? You Decide

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Man, luckiest GT-R owner… ever. So many close calls. I’d say to both.

Name’s Gojira, but You Can Call Me Matte

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Many are tired of the trend regarding this color, but it still works in my opinion with certain cars. Looks good on this R35.

Visual Dopeness: Nissan GT-R “The Perfect Week”

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Some dope visuals by Format67 featuring the new face lifted 2012 Nissan GT-R.

I Shall Call Him “Mini Me”

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Papa GT-R with GTR Jr

Nismo GT3 Spec GTR

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For around $390K, you can order yourself a Nismo GT3 spec GTR pushing 523HP through its tuned VR-38DETT.


Visual Dopeness: Dope GT-R R35 Wallpaper

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Saw this on Jalopnik, thought it was dope! Click on the image for the full resolution!

courtesy of Jalopnik

Visual Dopeness: Nissan JUKE-R (Video 1)

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Expect the unexpected.  Here’s Video 1 of the Nissa project consisting of throwing in a V38 motor from a R35 into the Juke, thus resulting in the “Nissan Juke-R”

Here’s the first video:

Odd Matchup

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I’m not too big a fan of domestics, but I admit, I’d rock that SRT8!  Been loving the new Cherokee!

Not bad that  it hung with Godzilla.

Angled Perception

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Down the straight away into the pits…

Back end view

TheDriver – Official Trailer 2

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Damn, this little animated animated series looks good! They spent a lot of time on details just for a TV animated series.

All the imports in this scene look detailed. With Gorillaz anime style designed characters are a plus too! Check out the Orange 350z with Bronze Volk TE37’s in this trailer.

GT-R…Holy Shit!!!…!!!

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I was browsing the attic’s blog and saw this video of BBI testing out an oil cooler on a GT-R while pushing it to the limits canyon carving. Thankfully the driver was pro and didn’t crash or hurt anyone. I wouldn’t be as calm as the dude in the passenger seat if I were him…LOL

attic credits Vito of the Hundreds for the find…

RETRO CAR STORY FLASHBACK: Warning – Noob driving at its finest…

Back in the Summer of 2009, this dude thought he was the shit after buying a new Pearl White GT-R.  Dude must’ve been watching Initial D a bit too much and thought he would give it a try in his new ride. The outcome can be seen in this video. This happened in the local Glendora Mountain road near where I live. What a waste of a perfectly nice car…

I’m curious to know what his excuse was to the authorities along with his insurance company. Looks totaled to me…