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Primitive – “Rest in Paradise Guru” T-shirt

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It’s the gifted, talented, PROLIFIK ONE


Released today, is Primitive’s commemorative t-shirt on the late great, Keith “Guru” Elam of the hip hop group, Gangstarr. A few weeks ago, on April 19, 2010, Guru lost his life due to complications of cancer. The Primitive crew created this tee to pay homage to a talented lyricists that many of us grew up listening to.

Mos definitely a big loss to the hip hop community.

This tee comes in black or white. The album artwork was created by Berto Herrera. Price is $33.99 and can be purchased online here: “Rest In Paradise Guru” Black Tee


Also, in white: “Rest In Paradise Guru ” White Tee

via Primitive News Blog

The Secret Behind Nike Air

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Here is a video by Nike explaining the manufacturing process on how Nike Air is created. It stars actor, David Koechner, as the Nike spokesman and explains to us on how Nike Air is encapsulated in their products.

The “Air” in Nike products are collected using various Nike Athletes that also star in this video. Nike Athleters starring in this video include: Pittsburgh Steeler, Troy Polamalu, skater, Paul Rodriguez Jr. aka P-Rod, female tennis star, Marya Sharapova, and track star great, Carl Lewis.