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Past & Present: Honda NSX Tribute

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Here’s a video that looks back into the past of the NSX and works it’s way towards the Concept that we’ve seen lately in heavy anticipation of the 2015 Acura NSX.

Train Crossing

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I usually hate it, but it’d be a dope thing if I were stuck with these NSXs. lol

Rear Wheel Status

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Geez, no need for aero. Love how the NSX’s appearance was so ahead of its time.

Dope set of wheels, a drop and I’d be good.

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Feeling this color and I’m really not a fan of blue.   Black Meister S1’s go well with the color scheme.

Mr. Tony NSX Stark

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Kinda hyped over this, could this be the rumored revival of the NSX? According to Auto Express it could very well be.  This was caught on the current set of Marvel’s Avengers.

I guess we have to wait to see the film to see this thing in action.

Looks kinda dope for a concept, but please Acura, can y’all fix the nose/grill area?  That just isn’t working with the TSX, TL, and RL in my opinion

Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive NSX? hMmm

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Dope! I Love this car!

System mounted on FR type NSX. Tests eye 2012 regulation changes
The reason for this special appearance was to test a new hybrid system mounted in the FR type NSX. The new SUPER GT regulation set to go into effect for the 2012 season will enable participation of cars with hybrid systems. With regard to the use of hybrid systems, GTA has been in talks with the three makers competing in the GT500 class, and Honda has stepped forward this time with an advance hybrid technology development project.

The system in use is made by Zytek and is said to be a battery-equipped & liquid-cooled hybrid system. Initial shakedown testing has already been conducted a month ago, but this appearance marked the first full-fledged track tests. The system has a 40kw output and is said to be capable not only of powering an overtake button function like those used in F1 but also powering the car as an EV (electric-powered vehicle) in the pit lane. What’s more, it is reported that the battery can be charged from a no-charge state to full charge while running just one lap of a racetrack. A full charge is said to power the overtake button for approximately 20 seconds of use.

According to a Honda spokesperson, the total weight of the system is about 50 kg. The battery and the radiator that cools it are mounted in the rear of the car. The engine mounted in the front of the vehicle is said to be the same 3.4-liter V8 presently used by Honda in the GT500 machines, but the overall weight of the car with the hybrid system is approximately 100 kg heavier than the current GT500 machine.
Because they wanted the opinion of a veteran driver,” Katsutomo Kaneishi was chosen as the test driver. Despite the added weight of the car, Kaneishi succeeded in breaking the 1 min. 50 sec. barrier on the Motegi track on the second day of tests with a lap time of 1 min. 49.468 sec. That was just 4.453 seconds behind the fastest time recorded in that session by the ENEOS SC430.

Although there will surely be further testing and development before a hybrid system like this is actually used in GT competition, the initial results were positive. At present it is not clear whether GTA will supply this system to all cars participating in the GT500 class from the 2012 season. It is likely that development will continue in consultation with the various makers to determine the appropriate timing for full-scale adoption.


Sunday Siickness: Honda NSX by Format67

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Simply, amazing… The way its shot, soundtrack, editing, and the NSX itself.



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Love these type of shots when it comes to the JGTC race cars.

Takata NSX in action… Siick frontal view!

Takata JGTC inspired NSX built by HighEnd

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Takata themed NSX inspired by the Takata JGTC NSX.

I love how it just stands out in the street of this small neighborhood. haha

Wait, what? This is really a what?

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Hmmm, started as an Acura NSX

To a Ferrari F40 replica…

It usually tends to amaze me the routes people go through to build those kit cars. Even one of my girlfriend’s homeboys also built one utilizing an MR2 as the base.

Overlooking the Bay

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Awesome shot of a NSX, chillen, with a beautiful view of the Golden Gate bridge.