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Super Bowl XLV Champions: Congratulations Greenbay Packers!

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It’s a wrap! It was a pretty damn good game! Couldn’t see this go to a more deserving quarterback. Aaron Rodgers, MVP, definitely deserved it!

2011 Kia Optima: “One Epic Ride” Big Game Commercial

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Kia/Hyundai keep doing their thing. They’ve stepped their game up with their cars and designs. Now, they’re bringing quality commercials too…

They’re going full steam with everything. Here’s their Super Bowl XLV ad for the Kia Optima.

Chevrolet x Transformers Super Bowl XLV Commercial

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Throwback Thursday: Mitchell & Ness Limited Edition 1985 Jordan All-Star jersey

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Mitchell & Ness are the pioneers of bringing sports enthusiasts back to nostalgia. With more than a century of history, they continue to bring us back through the timeline with their line of throwback jerseys. Here it is, limited to 300, Michael Jordan’s 1985 NBA All-star East jersey commemorating the 25th anniversary of his first All-Star game.

Price will be $250. Click here to purchase: Mitchell & Ness 25th Anniversary 1985 All-Star Game Michael Jordan jersey

I would of have thought their prices would be lower these days, after the trend died out amongst rappers and the masses. This jersey is beyond nice, but I can’t justify myself dropping 250 on a screen printed jersey and probably would only wear it once. If they drop his rookie jersey once more, then that’s another story…

New Orleans Saints are Super Bowl XLIV Champions…

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Congrats to the New Orleans Saints for being the Super Bowl XLIV Champions! Great game! Everyone on the Saints were on point. Brees proves once again that he’s a beast. Dude deserves MVP for having a great season… People in Lousiana should be celebrating their asses off, the residents of New Orleans should be enjoying this within the next few days. Mardi Gras starts early this year.

Let’s go New Orleans Saints!

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It’s that time! Let’s do this New Orleans.. . I believe in Breesus…LOL