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Ronin No More

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Kinda sad to see this happen to an Elise so dope as this. I posted this specific Elise in the past which can be seen under “World’s Fastest Lotus”, not to mention one of the “Siickest 2zz powered Elise”

From the owner, Frank Profera:

I was rear ended by some fuckkin cuntt in a Porsche while on the fwy. He hit my left rear and spun me, I ended up in the right side wall…. I can’t wait to see this fuckin cunt in jail for a hit and run…Fuckin cunt Porsche owners…No one in front of me or in ether laneon my side and this cuntt hits me up the ass…what does that tell ya about Porsche owners…always lookin for a cute ass even if it’s an old dude

Visual Dopeness: “World’s Fastest Lotus?”

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I posted this Exige hella long ago. It has come a long way and still continues to be a beast today. Good to see old folks from the old Celica forums I use to frequent on back in the day.

Simple an amazing, heavenly sound!

End of the day, THIS > Hennessey Venom GT

Alleyway Lurkin’

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Dope HDR visuals featuring a Lotus.

Assembly Line

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Mmm, a couple of colorful Elise’s being built

Interesting Type of Car Meet

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Never seen a car meet before where it only targeted a particular car color.



2015 Lotus Elise Concept

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The 2015 Lotus Elise Concept was revealed at the Paris Motor Show earlier today.


-RWD Mid Engine 2 Seater Configuration
-Forced Inducted Toyota 2.0 Liter Inline 4 pushing 316HP
-Only weighing in at 2,400 LBS which is a few hundred pounds up from the current Elise which weighs in at 2,000 LBS
-Six Speed Manual Option
-Dual Clutch Paddled Shifter
-Starting price of $55,000.

via Jalopnik

Lotus Presents Toyota with an Elise housing the last 2ZZ-GE

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The last Toyota 2ZZ-GE VVTLi four cylinder engine has been built, and Lotus got it. Lotus CEO Dany Bahar and Toyota Motor Corporation president Akio Toyoda came together at the British Embassy in Tokyo for a celebration where Toyota was presented with an Elise R carrying the engine by Bahar. The shindig marks a new chapter in the two companies’ partnership, one that will allow Lotus to create powertrains that are more exclusively its own in future cars with the continued cooperation of Toyota.

Designed for Toyota by Yamaha, the 2ZZ-GE engine owed a lot to motorcycle engine practice, and the wide-angled valves and variable valve timing and lift system enabled the high-revving engine to develop 100 horsepower per liter, and even more when supercharged. Power levels floated between 160-180 hp naturally aspirated and as much as 250 when supercharged and intercooled.

The question now is what engine Lotus and Toyota will cook up to take the place of the 2ZZ-GE, now that its veteran power unit has been retired. We should find out more on that front at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

It’s sad to see Toyota stop production on the 2zz. That motor has so much potential still waiting to be unlocked. It’s a great engine. It’s has so much potential to be on par with what the Honda B and K series, yet, R&D for unlocking its potential is a pain staking slow process within the Celica/MR-S world.  Celica guys continue to work on it though, so it’s still exciting for me to await (coming from a former Celica owner) the cool stuff fellow Celica hobbyist can do with it.

What does Toyota/Yamaha and Lotus have in store? Can this bring more of a larger collaboration considering Toyota’s team up with Subaru concerning the FT-86? Time will only tell.

via AutoBlog

Photos Often Need Contrast

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I wholeheartedly agree. This photo proves it….

PacMan Out the Cuts

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A slick yellow Exige out of the cuts, straight chillin’.

“Black cards, black cars, all black everything”

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Flat black Elise all smiles in the evening…

I LOVE side profiles on dope cars….

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When it comes to cars, there’s always a profile view in which they look fuckin dope at. Some is the front, while some is from the back, and there are some that look cool when viewing its side.

I like the side profile on this Exige. So damn siick!

CHUE ME: The Siickest 2ZZ powered Elise

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Here’s another member from my old 7th gen Celica days off of with a beast of an Exige.

This guy went to turbo charged 2zz thanks to several og members from NewCelica such as, Jeff Church aka Smaay.

It’s been years since I frequented the forum so it’s good to know fellow pioneers of the 7th gen Celica community doing big things for the 2zz-ge. Such an under rated engine in my opinion. It deserves its spot light.

Well onto the pics, it went from this

to this… matte black menace

What makes this a hell of a beast is that he is now dual charged, a combination of a turbo setup along with a supercharged one. I know, fuckin’ crazy right?

Some videos of the beast in action

A more recent video of his current setup can be viewed with this video.  And to think, Toyota haters called the 2zz weak… Ignorant elitist assholes…. haha

So fuckin fast you’d think the video was being fast forwarded! I don’t think I have enough reaction skills to drive through a canyon at that speed.

The details of his build can be viewed here: DUAL CHARGED RONIN EXIGE

I’d love to see this thing up against an STI and even an EVO.