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Pearl White & Pearl Yellow

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I hope these are two different owners. I don’t see the point of having two… lol.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2011: Gazoo Racing LF-A

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We saw this back when it debuted, here it is finally used with the debris still in tact.

Lexus’ Hiromu Naruse Tribute (Video)

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Mr. Hiromu Naruse left the world after losing his life testing his latest masterpiece, the Lexus LF-A (See: RIP Hiromu Naruse)

Rest in Peach to Hirumo Naruse. May your legacy live on within the creations you have left behind.

Here is Lexus’ tribute to Mr. Naruse:

Lexus LFA Roadster to Debut in 2014

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Lexus will move ahead with plans to deliver a roadster version of its LFA supercar, with the new model expected to debut in 2014 reports AutoWeek. Maintaining the coupes 4.8-liter V10 engine, it’s possible the drop-top exotic could get a slight bump in output above the current car’s 552-hp.

But that’s not the only new product in the pipe for the Japanese luxury brand, with a new generation of the GS model expected soon. In addition, Lexus is reportedly considering adding a new 7-seat crossover to its lineup that would slot in above the RX. Apparently Lexus owners are telling company that they aren’t as interested in features like towing capability and off-road performance and so the suggested VX model would form a more popular alternative to models like the GX. In addition, using a lighter car platform would help reduce emissions while still offering all the size luxury SUV buyers are after.

Finally, there’s a more remote possibility that Lexus will build a competitor to the BMW X6. As a crossover, rather than a true SUV it would be based on the same platform as the next-gen IS/GS models.

Seems like Toyota will be milking the hell out of this thing. I’m still shocked that this car actually sold in these days of tough times. This is coming from a Toyota fanboy too! It’s good to see it doing well, regardless of all the other drama Toyota has.  Can we see a LF-A coupe please?

via AutoGuide

Random Car Video: Matte Black Lexus LF-A Demo car at Cars & Coffee in Irvine.

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Man, I still have to make time to go to Cars & Coffee in Irvine. It would only make sense. I’m stupid for not catching this since I literally worked not even 5 minutes from the lot they have this at. Work at the time stressed me out too much, I also hated that job. lol

Anyways, here’s a a video of the matte black LF-A demo car going from the Lexus headquarters in Irvine to the Cars & Coffee meeting place.

Toyota’s Chief Test Driver, Hiromu Naruse, dies testing the new Lexus LF-A

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Tragic news, Toyota’s Chief Test Driver, Hiromu Naruse died in a fatal car accident while testing the new Lexus LF-A Nurburgring Edition on the highway 410 near the Nurburgring. He supposedly collided onto on coming traffic and collided with 2 test drivers of a BMW vehicle.

While the two BMW test drivers survived the crash, the yet-unnamed Toyota driver died behind the wheel of the recently spied LFA Nurburgring Edition he was driving.

The report says that the driver of the LF-A was 67 years old and Toyota’s chief test driver, which leads us to believe that he is Hiromu Naruse, In addition to being the company’s chief test driver, Naruse is also Akio Toyoda’s personal driver and the Godfather of the LFA.

This is the same LF-A pictured below.

Could this be a blow to Lexus sale wise? hmmm I don’t believe it would, but on a safety aspect, we still don’t know the details of this accident.

Condolences goes out to the family of the Godfather of the LF-A, Hirumo Naruse. RIP…

via Autoblog

Lexus LF-A Commercial – “Pitch”

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Awesome! The LF-A is officially sold out everyone, with 1/3rd going to Europe!

Mission accomplished Toyota, now hope there are no recalls…