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Tow Much?

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Here’s a SC300 rockin’ flashy colored MB Battles, along with a trailer with matching wheels that happens to be carrying a Honda Ruckus.

Longo Toyota Presents: The Pursuit 3 at the Toyota Speedway In Irwindale

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Overall this was a great event! I enjoyed it pretty much! Got to see some dope Lexus’ along with other cars outside of the Lexus/Toyota realm. Got to see some dope runs on the 1/8th mile track too!

Here’s a quick teaser below.  You can also click on the link below to be directed to the album on the website’s Facebook page.  Thanks for viewing!

Longo Toyota Presents: The Pursuit 3 at the Toyota Speedway In Irwindale

The Lexus Pursuit 3 @ the Toyota Speedway of Irwindale

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  • 1/8th mile drag race (Lexus vehicles with static suspension only – all day unlimited runs)
  • Raffle prizes (Lexus owners only)
  • Music, models, and lots of fun
  • Due to popular demand, In-N-Out Burger will once again be on-site feeding the first 500 registered attendees!

Date and Time:
Sunday, October 16, 2011
10am – 4pm

Event Location:
Toyota Speedway
13300 E Live Oak Ave
Irwindale, CA 91706

Registration is CLOSED.


Here’s the link to the event’s album on our Facebook Page.


I’ll add some more photos later, just got time consuming to browse through all the photos I took. lol

HKS Night Life

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This owner is actually local to me in the 626.  I’ve seen this IS300 go a long way to where it is now.  One of the few IS’s in the US rocking the HKS kit. Definitely feeling it!

This shot looks dope!


Subtle GS with the Blues

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This shade of blue is clean! I’m feelin’ it!

Leaked Lexus GS350 AWD Photos

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Seems that photos of the next gen Lexus GS was leaked. All I have to say is… MEH….

I honestly don’t know what to think of it. It just looks awfully plain. Very boring! As much as I’m a Toyota fanboy, I’m kinda disappointed on how they arrived with this final design.


Those headlights is just reminscent of the IS series, while the rear reminds me of something that can be found on a  Kia/Hyundai. I really hope the next gen IS looks a lot better than this! I believe the IS is the only thing keeping Lexus alive at the moment in terms of style and performance (other than the hype that the LF-A has created)

2012 Lexus GS

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The anticipation builds as Lexus plans to reveal the next generation Lexus GS at Pebble Beach on August 18th.

Here’s the teaser that they reveal to us…

Lexus LS 600h L Landaulet

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Fit for a Royal Wedding. In fact, it’s for the wedding of Prince Albert II of Monaco.  Custom Lexus LS600 with a weird see through window.

Call me corny, would love to see this on some VIP steez. LOL!



via AutoBlog

Visual Dopeness: Translogic 59: Lexus LF-A

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Some visual eye candy for you.

I never get tired of the exhaust tone of the LF-A.

Visual Dopeness: Final Best Motoring Battle

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R.I.P Best Motoring, but they sure did go out with a bang…

Straight Postin’

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Beautiful stance. Nothing too crazy, just outright beautiful!

Sibling Rivalry

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2nd gen GS’ will always be gangsta!