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Pacquiao Marquez III: Who do you think won?

Posted in Sports with tags , , , , , , on November 13, 2011 by prolifik1

Well there you have it. Manny Pacquiao has defeated Juan Manuel Marquez in an epic battle that was taken to the full limits.

Many expected Pacquiao to go for an early (6th round) knockout, but it was far from that. This bout was remiscent of the first two fights.

I’m a Pacquiao fan but I felt this fight was a lot closer in terms if score. Marquez put up a great fight! Fights usually favor the champion so I felt if Marquez wanted this victory, he woul of had to knock Pacquiao down just once. He played more of a counter punch contest. If he was able to raise his level of aggressiveness then we might have seen a different outcome.

I feel money and the world of boxing politics plays a role with this outcome. Who would of wanted to see a Pacquiao vs Marquez 4? Not I and many other boxing fans.

Now this only sets up what all boxing fans have anticipated. A Pacquiao Mayweather match that is supposedly in the works for May of 2012.

Only time will tell how this pans out. As much as I hate Mayweather, I am worried for Pacquiao judging by the way he performed earlier tonight.

If all things go as planned, 2012 will be interesting in the world of boxing.

Fight Night: Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez III

Posted in Sports with tags , , , , , , , on November 12, 2011 by prolifik1

It’s about to go down tonight folks!

The epic third fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez will go down at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas!

Who are you choosing to win and in what fashion? Knockout? Decision? Curious to know what people think.


Las Vegas Dopeness: R33 Freshness

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Wish I had brought my tripod that night to take long exposure shots. Had to put the ISO on high in order to take photos at night since I have the wack stock 18-55mm lens on me. Sorry for the graininess of the photo.

This shit was clean as hell! Lovin’ the color! Didn’t get to the meet the owner, but everything was on point!

Las Vegas Dopeness: Orange Crush

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I was still in Vegas on Wednesday, so I decided to check out the WTF Wednesdays meet that I always see Neek advertise every now and then.

Gotta admit, that shit was crackin! Dope cars, but this evo caught my eye like a dope chick at a club. lol


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Undefeated fans would probably get a kick out of this. Decorate your home with this UNDFTD x GALLERY 1950 Strikes Logo Rug. Put it in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or garage!

Looks cool for USC or UCLA fans too!

Other fine uses…

This would be available on Saturday, June, 3rd, 2010 at all UNDFTD Chapter Stores along with their online store.

UNDFTD Accessories: Mini Maglite, Whistle, and Bottle Opener

Posted in Fashion, Kicks with tags , , , , , , , on March 19, 2010 by prolifik1

UNDFTD will be dropping some accessories at their retail locations and their webstore this Saturday, March 20. They include a Mini Maglite, Whistle Keychain or a Bottle Opener.