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Track of the Day: Prince Aries feat. Bambu – “And We Mobb In That”

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L.A.’s own, Bambu links up with the Bay Area’s Prince Aries (of Distortion 2 Static fame) for Aries’ May 3rd release, Clean Ass Whip.

DOWNLOAD: Prince Aries – And We Mobb In That… f. Bambu | Mediafire

props to the 2DopeBoyz.

L.A. Driver Fail: “Stay In Your Lane”

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lol, some classic Mulholland Highway aka “The Snake” goodness captured on video.

UNDFTD x Disney Capsule Line

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Cool to see one of my favorite shop/brands collab with one of my favorite theme parks/company.  Good to see Disney share their property licenses with some nicer brands such as UNDFTD and the Hundreds.

Now can we have some with Mickey on it?


UNDEFEATED x Converse: Poorman Weapon Converse Line

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UNDEFEATED FALL 2010 4th Delivery

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UNDFTD Fall 2010, 4th delivery will be available at all UNDFTD retail stores including their web store this Friday, November 5, 2010.



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UNDFTD Fall 2010, 2nd delivery will be available at all UNDFTD retail stores including their web store on Saturday, September 11, 2010.


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UNDFTD Fall 2010, 1st delivery are now available at all UNDFTD retail stores including their web store.

Yo Undefeated, can we get another Boston Sucks tee?

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Dear Mr. James Bond and Mr. Eddie Cruz,

Putting this out in the air, but will the good folks at Undefeated be putting out another Laker related tshirt to commemorate the 2010 NBA Finals? Perhaps an UNDFTD x Team Odom Boston Sucks v2 tee? I missed out two years ago, I definitely copped the Orlando version.

Y’all probably wont read this, but yeah, would be dope to see what’s in store for us LA fans this time around!

-Sincerely, PROLIFIK

For those who don’t know or remember

From the 2008 NBA Finals

photos courtesy of UNDFTD

2010 Western Conference Champions – The Los Angeles Lakers!!!

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Laker fans rejoice! A huge celebration is going down tonight in Los Angeles! The Lakers survived another close one, finally winning in Phoenix! After having a big lead as large as 18 points, the Suns managed to close within 3 points later in the 4th quarter. Nervousness set in once again for the Lakers.

The Assassin, The Black Mamba, past MVP, Kobe Bryant comes through once again!Bryant attacked making the impossible look easy. No matter who was on him, Bryant was able to sink his shots in. The MJ comparisons begin once again… It’s all good. Bryant got into a rhythm when the Lakers needed it most. Kobe finished the night with 37 points.

Ron Artest played great tonight as well scoring a nice 25 points, along with 4 rebounds.

The game overall, was an all out war, especially with Vujacic and Dragic going through some drama. These two have a mean history of hatred towards each other. Dragic was able to showcase his acting flop talents as he falls towards the ground as Vujacic throws his arms up in a defensive position. In my opinion, Sasha should of just literally knocked himout onto the ground. The game was stopped way to long over this nonsense.

With a late rally, Kobe was able to wrap the game up with what he does best. I cannot lie, it’s great to be an LA native and resident. The Lakers now have a challange ahead of them. It’s redemption time, it’s an opportunity to have revenge against the team that knocked them out for the title 2 seasons ago. Back to back titles would be sweet! Rest assured, it will not come easy!

Game 1 of the NBA Finals is on Thursday, May 3rd, 2010 on ABC.

Game Time: The Los Angeles Lakers vs The Phoenix Suns – Game 6

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One half of the NBA Finals was established last night as the Boston Celtics advanced by defeating the Orlando Magic. The Boston Celtics eliminated the Magic in easily dominating last nights game. The Los Angeles Lakers are just one game away from advancing. One game away from redemption. One game away from a rematch of the 2008 NBA Finals. One game away from bittersweet revenge.

A win for the Lakers will not come so easily. The Lakers did a decent job maintaining a lead in Game 5, but it still wasn’t enough as the Suns closed within the final seconds. With the final few seconds, Kobe was double teamed as he attempted a three pointer. Luckily, Ron Artest was there to retrieve and put the ball up for a game winning shot.

Now, it’s Game 6. The Lakers head back on the road into Phoenix territory. With the fans behind them, the Suns have been on a roll when it comes to being at home. The Lakers have proven that defense is their weakness when it comes to being on the road. Kobe Bryant has stated that time and time again. It’s time for the Lakers to step it up where it counts. They cannot risk heading back to Los Angeles with another shift in momentum.

Will Kobe and the Lakers close it out this evening? Will us Laker fans be celebrating tonight? I guess we’ll have to see. Tune into Game 6 later tonight.

Time: 5:30pm Pacific/8:30pm Eastern

Channel: TNT


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RON ARTEST FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Words can’t express how I feel right now, that was so damn close! Ron Artest redeems himself with the winning shot. Artest made a mistake earlier in the game by shooting an unnecessary 3 pointer after having the game clock resetted. He received slack obviously for such a poor decision, but saves the day for the Lakers at the end.

All Laker fans are embracing in a sigh of relief tonight! The Lakers have pulled off a win at the Staples Center! What a way to compliment the perfect weather that we have here in Los Angeles. They pull off the win, but it was pretty damn close within the closing!

To be honest, it had me quite nevrous. Despite the win, there was no answer on stopping Steve Nash! Nash was on point with his scoring and assists. Nash was a beast! No matter who was on him, he managed to get his shots in.

Kobe Bryant finished the night with a near double double, scoring 30 points with 9 assists. Lamar Odom lead the team for tonight with 13 rebounds. Artest finished the night with only 4 points and 5 rebounds, regardless of his performance, he is definitely the hero of the game!

Off to Phoenix we go for Game 6 on Saturday!


Time: 5:30pm Pacific/8:30pm Eastern

Channel: TNT

Game Time: The Phoenix Suns vs The Los Angeles Lakers – Game 5

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It’s that time again folks! It’s Game 5 of the NBA Western Conference Finals between the visiting, Phoenix Suns vs the Los Angeles Lakers. The series is now tied up at an exciting 2-2! The Suns zone defense was the key into winning the last two games in Phoenix. I’ve had some angry Laker fans get pretty offended when I used the title in my last blog entry, saying the Lakers got “shutdown.” Well, reality check, Laker fans, they still lost both games!  As an angry Laker fan, I cringed watching Game 4! I couldn’t bare watching it anymore. Regardless of having better shooting stats, it still wasn’t enough to steal a game in Phoenix.

It’s okay though, I hope and any other Laker fan hopes that they take it tonight. We figure, since they’re at home, it should be easy right? Wrong! The momentum has shifted towards. The Lakers have to put a stop to their zone defense and figure out a work around to get the ball in the basket. Kobe with a hot hand has proven that even that isn’t enough. He’s no MJ, he needs the supporting cast to step up as well.

The key for the Lakers tonight is defense. The Lakers did fine offensively in my opinion back in Phoenix, but they gave up too many easy shots for the Suns. Great defense and crashing the boards is what the Lakers need to prevent the Suns from scoring tonight. Despite being at home, they shouldn’t take a chance with the way Phoenix was on fire in Game 5.

I don’t know about you Laker fans, but I for one am worried. They need to take tonight’s game or face the pressure of elimination once they head back to Phoenix for Game 6. With the Eastern Conference Finals, the Magic come up on another game lastnight, which leaves the series at 3-2 with Boston leading by only one game! If the Magic pull off some sort of miracle and take the series, that would be an NBA first!

Time: 6:00pm Pacific/9:00pm Eastern

Channel: TNT