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2011 Kia Optima: “One Epic Ride” Big Game Commercial

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Kia/Hyundai keep doing their thing. They’ve stepped their game up with their cars and designs. Now, they’re bringing quality commercials too…

They’re going full steam with everything. Here’s their Super Bowl XLV ad for the Kia Optima.


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Funny vanity plates is a plus, since it’s Friday, it’s even better to let the day go by quicker….hopefully!

Here’s one on a Genesis Coupe…. fitting for the title.

Hyundai on the come up!

Photo by: Corey Maples

One nice Genesis, not the Sega one.

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I really think the Hyundia Genesis is under rated. I know Hyundai has gotten shit over the years, but I feel as if they’ve stepped their game up with the Genesis. Even the sedan gets some love by me…

This coupe is pure sex! Shit looks mean in all black. It’s on some Darth Vader steez

photo courtesy of John Renna