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Wouldn’t mind bringing one of these R-2’s to the states. I see tons of old school Mini Coopers roaming around. This would be a dope alternate to the norm.

This thing sure looks fun

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to beat up on the track with.

Then again, if we had this in the US, I’d probably see everyone here in SoCal with it.

I still would rock one though! It looks kinda dope in a convertible…

I’d Beat, would you?

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I would. Many stateside will consider this Honda Beat, “cute”, but this one is a beast.  Especially with that B18C5 under the hood.

It’s not often I see Wedsport TC-05’s…

Brought to you by the BackYard Special

Very interesting

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HmMmM…1999’ish Daihatsu Mira x Bus hybrid?

It would be siick if I had one of these. I would probably make it an ice cream truck or something. Who wouldn’t want to buy ice cream from me if I rolled in this? I mean, those damn food trucks are getting hella popular here in Southern Cali…