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Killer Bee

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J’s Racing AP1 at rest, chillin’

photos by VJ Photography

J’s Racing President Arrested for Attempted Murder

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This is pretty random. Never expected this…

GT Channel:

According to Japanese websites, J’s Racing president Junichi Umemoto has been arrested for attempted murder.

Full translation of:

The police have arrest a 43 year old man related to a hit and run incident which happened in downtown Osaka. The suspect arrested for attempted murder is Junichi Umemoto who is a auto repair shop director. Late night on Jan 22, while driving a car, he hit a man walking and tried to leave the scene. Eiji Fujikawa, 39 years old, a colleague of the man held onto the mirror of Umemoto’s car. Umemoto continued to drive and dragged him approximately 100 meters before Fujikawa let go. Fujikawa-san broke his skull is now unconscious and in critical condition. The suspect is saying “I was scared of repercussions and kept on going. I didn’t mean to kill him.” On his own blog Umemoto introduces himself that he has entered over 100 official races and is an active driver.

via GT Channel


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Dope shot view of N1 Concept’s J’s Racing S2K.


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Here’s a pretty dope Spoon S2k.

Spoon S-Tai front and back

Bright flourorescent Yellow-Green Volk CE28’s with a Carbon Fiber J’s Racing 3D GT Wing