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Oh Word? ILLEST x Transformers

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Damn, props to Mr. Mark Arcenal of Fatlace/ILLest on probably one of the dopest collabs they’ve done as of late. A collabo between ILLest and Hasbro-Transformers. Definitely moving up in the game!


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Siick Fit residing in the Sunshine State…

Some of y’all think they’re played, but it’s still a way of staying classy! Word to BBS RS’!

Perfect Stance Fit for the Camera

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Love how this Honda Fit is sitting, perfect drop in my opinion! You gotta love the Noblesse kit too!

Only kit that looks just right on this car.

One of My Favorite Honda Fits of Them All…

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Man, I jock this shit! This thing goes hard!

I posted this last time (See: Fresh Fit Friday: Noblesse No Less)

I’ll continue to post photos of this thing every time I run across it.

Bagged on Leon Hardiritt Lanze’s…

Yaris/Vitz crowd, step your game up, get FIT!

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I’m not starting any drama between the two, I’m just comparing since these cars are pretty much in competition within the same class.

Damn, I’m a big Toyota fanboy, but I got to give it up to the Honda Fit/Jazz crowd! They’re killing it within the competition between the two…

I’m just seeing more nicely done, dope, Fit’s than I do Yaris/Vitz’s…

This shit is SIICK! This is a fine example, of 5-door JDM Dopeness!


I give credit where is due, we all don’t have the same tastes when it comes to modding these type of cars. This is just one fine example how I would obviously do one up.

White Out

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All white Honda Fit, even with the color matched headlights on CCW Classic wheels.

Fresh FIT Friday: Noblesse No Less

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Bagged Noblesse Honda Fit rockin’ Superstar Leon Hardiritt Lanze’s.

Pure awesomeness!

A fit done right!

Not complete without a rolling shot!

Game Four Down: The Lakers head to the Western Conference Championship!!!

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The Lakers have wrapped the series against the Utah Jazz. They went up big and didn’t bother looking behind and put a stomping as they swept the Jazz. The Jazz put up a fight and came close in the 4th, but the Lakers managed to pull away once again.

They now head into the Western Conference Championships against the Phoenix Suns. The Lakers are now 8 wins away from defending their NBA Championship.

Laker fans rejoice!

Game Time: The Los Angeles Lakers vs the Utah Jazz – Game 4

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Well folks, it’s that time once again. The Lakers can possibly end the series tonight in Salt Lake City. Laker fans, time to bust out the brooms. Probably sweep? No doubt, possible!

The Phoenix Suns stomped all over Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs! They’re now awaiting the winner of this series, which obviously can be the Lakers. In the East, it seems like the Orlando Magic can be wrapping up that series tonight too against the Atlanta Hawks. With the Boston/Cleveland series, it’s very close. I hate Lebron, so I hope the Celtics can pull it in the end!

Tune in tonight to witness whether the Lakers can turn the lights out and advance to the Western Conference Finals.

Time: 7:30pm Pacific/10:30pm Eastern

Channel: TNT

Rd2 Game Three Down: One win away from the Western Conference Finals!

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The Lakers pull off a win on the road! This was one very close game and a great one at that! It all came down within the last few seconds. Derek Fisher puts up a final 3 pointer to give them the lead where they were able to hold off the Jazz until the time expired.

This game was pretty much controversial, especially with the Jazz’s last possession; where Derek Fisher was tackled with no call. All good, the Lakers pulled away with a close one! One win away from making it into the Western Conference Championship.

The journey on defending the championship has gotten better.

Game 4 is on Monday in Salt Lake City at 7:30pm Pacific.

For more stats and highlights, go to

Game Time: The Los Angeles Lakers vs the Utah Jazz – Game 3

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It’s game time once again! It’s Game 3! It’s the Los Angeles Lakers facing the Utah Jazz on their home court at Energy Solutions Arena, in Salt Lake City.

The power duo of Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol have been on a consistent basis in getting their points in helping lead the Lakers in two back to back victories back at the Staples Center. If they keep this up, they can wrap this series quickly.

Will Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer step up to take a game at home? Will they have enough to hold the Lakers off tonight?

Time: 5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern

Channel: ABC

R2 Game Two Down: Lakers now lead the series 2 games to 0!

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The Lakers pull off another win tonight in Los Angeles! It felt like deja vu all over again. The Lakers were able to repeat Sunday’s performance in tonight’s game. Kobe Bryant scored a similar, 30 points; while Pau Gasol also was in tune with 22pts with a nice, 15 rebounds.

Everything is flowing nicely for the Lakers within this series. Could they grab a win in Utah this weekend, on Saturday? I truly hope so, and I hope they can wrap this series early. It’s time for the champs to defend what’s theirs.