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DJ Mike Relm x IRON MAN 2 Remix Trailer

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DJ Mike Relm made a remix cut of one of the IRON MAN 2 trailers. Pretty dope shit if you ask me! He has one original version and an official one he had made for Paramount Studios…

Original Cut:

DJ Mike Relm was hired by Paramount Studios after director Jon Favreau saw the original. They hired him to make a cut for an original TV spot ad. Here’s the result:

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I AM IRON MAN 2 Website

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The IRON MAN 2 marketing has just begun and they just opened another interactive website. This one does require a webcam. It will be using the face tracking feature that many webcam software have. You can recreate yourself wearing either the IRON MAN helmet or the WAR MACHINE one.


HUD (Heads Up Display) mode

Click on the link below to be redirected to the website to try it out yourself.


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