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Visual Dopeness: Irwindale 120 FPS

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Looking back at all the dope shit that was held close to home. In memory of the now closed Irwindale Speedway aka Toyota Speedway aka “House of Drift”  This footage is basically from Formula Drift 2011.

Very clean footage shot on the Red One MX

Visual Comedy: “STUCK”

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I’m mad late on this, but this is some creative funny shit if you’re stuck at Dallas Fort Worth Airport like these two drift photographers, Larry Chen and Joe Ayala.  They were stuck overnight after shooting a Formula D competition.

Shoot, I’d do the same thing if I have that much camera equipment on hand!

courtesy of

Formula Drift Long Beach Recap brought to you by FatlaceTV

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Looked dope…

Fatlace coming through as always!

FORMULA D: Title Fight | October 8th – 9th

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It All Comes Down to the TITLE FIGHT for the Formula DRIFT Championship

The Toyota Speedway at Irwindale is known as the “House of Drift.” The legendary drifting venue gave drifting in the U.S it’s roots and is often referred to as the “birthplace” of American drifting.

The Formula DRIFT Championship will be decided at this final event of the season and drivers will battle one last time to earn the coveted title of Formula DRIFT champion. The track is the home track for most of the drivers and each year the competition grows more intense. The infamous course is challenging and exciting utilizing part of the short oval track and many inside turns.

Last year current champion Chris Forsberg took home both the championship and Triple Crown bonus award at this event, but it was a close call as Ryan Tuerck took the event victory and came in second place overall by a mere 6 points. Tyler McQuarrie came in second at the event and secured his third place finish for the season. This year, watch as the drivers go all out and put it all on the line one last time for a chance to become the new Formula DRIFT champion.


Estevan Oriol goes to the Formula DRIFT in Long Beach

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Here’s another cool video documented/directed by Estevan Oriol which was taken during the Formula Drift event in Long Beach back in April.

Formula Drift Singapore 2010 – F1 Flyer Pit

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Formula Drift Singapore 2010 F1 Flyer Pit

Brought to you by Car Porn

Ian King and Struan Wallace
Music by Atticus King
2nd intro is Muse – Exogenesis

Industry Colors by Bowls LA

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Here’s Bowls LA’s coverage of Formula Drift Long Beach/Fatlace 1of1 show.

I love HD shit! It can’t get any clearer/crisper than this… that’s what’s up! Editing was on point!

via Fatlace

OneofOne x Formula Drift x Fatlace Round 1 Streets Of LB

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Awesome video by Daniel Kruthanooch on Vimeo. Great editing and not a bad choice in music! Love it overall!

Sunday SIICKness…

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One of JDM EGO’s pride and joy at yesterday’s Fatlace 001 show at Formula Drift Long Beach…

Gunmetal goodness, flat out siick! Job well done Mr. Bryan!

photo courtesy of JDM EGO Facebook

Fatlace 1/1 Show @ Formula Drift Long Beach: April 10, 2010

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Just a friendly reminder for those who forgot or haven’t known yet… This Saturday, April 10, 2010 in Long Beach.