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No Margine For Error

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Overdone, but looks dope none the less.

That folks is hellaflush. I’m tired of seeing people place themselves in this category when they’re not even running the crazy offset, let alone, the fender/wheel treatment. They’re just not doing it.

This photo shows how its done.

Hate it or Love it!

The Flush Cousins

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A Z and a G, chillin’ flush.

Baller status Lexus IS350

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Here’s a Lexus IS350 sporting the Wald Executive kit, bagged on UAS air ride, rollin’ on some HRE Comp’s.

19×9 +38 in the fronts and 19×10.5 +43 for the rear.

Pretty damn clean!

Here’s the same car on 20″ WORK SC1 20×9 +32 for the fronts and 20×10 +28 for the rears.

The Five Door Vitz’s get no love…

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the little 3 door gets all the attention, but this one is pretty siick in my opinion.

I’m feeling this, straight out bagged VIP status on some Weds Kranze Bazreias. 20’s son!

That rear lip and exhaust setup looks nice…


Hella Dumped 2IS

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Here’s a hella dumped Lexus ISx50 on matte black AME Shallen’s

Damn cuz, should’ve kept it…

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I would always clown on my cousin Girard for getting rid of his E36. His E36 328i was clean, simple, nothing extreme but would often get looks for its wheel set up.

I would browse random forums and would find his E36 posted in random car threads not even related to BMW’s.

I often would show him these random posts that his old car popped up on and yep, he regrets getting rid of it.

All good, he’s gone JDM now, maybe he can do the same with his Q45, but then again he now has thoughts of getting rid of it to go euro again…. LOL

Rockin’ some dope Superstar Leon Hardiritt Ritters

Mr. Westman’s Properly fitted Lexus IS300

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Travis Westman is a member of the IS300 forums I post on, His Graphite Gray Pearl Lexus IS300 is a good example of great stance in my opinion.  If you’re not a fan of wheels with a lot of poke or extreme stretch, than this look should be more of your taste. The wheels don’t stick out too much, the offsets are practically on point! The height too is perfect!

Damn, I love how this sits!

The specs on the wheels are:

Enkei RPF1‘s

Fronts: 18×9+35

Rears: 18×10+38

Sitting nicely in my opinion. Nothing over the top. Functionality + form, unlike having one or the other.