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Spaceship Status

Posted in Cars with tags , , , on November 21, 2011 by prolifik1

Saw Jay from JDMEGO post this.

Geez…One fuckin’ dope ass Fit!



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Siick Fit residing in the Sunshine State…

Some of y’all think they’re played, but it’s still a way of staying classy! Word to BBS RS’!

Perfect Stance Fit for the Camera

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Love how this Honda Fit is sitting, perfect drop in my opinion! You gotta love the Noblesse kit too!

Only kit that looks just right on this car.

Yaris/Vitz crowd, step your game up, get FIT!

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I’m not starting any drama between the two, I’m just comparing since these cars are pretty much in competition within the same class.

Damn, I’m a big Toyota fanboy, but I got to give it up to the Honda Fit/Jazz crowd! They’re killing it within the competition between the two…

I’m just seeing more nicely done, dope, Fit’s than I do Yaris/Vitz’s…

This shit is SIICK! This is a fine example, of 5-door JDM Dopeness!


I give credit where is due, we all don’t have the same tastes when it comes to modding these type of cars. This is just one fine example how I would obviously do one up.