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Fast Five (2nd Official Trailer)

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Although it seems a bit more serious like the last one, I admit, I’m still looking forward to seeing this…

Unveiled: Ferarri FF Four Wheel Drive Four Seat Fastback

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So many damn, F’s… lol. Finally, here’s the 612 Scaglietti replacement. We’ve seen the spy photos of it with all its test mule garb. Here is the reveal… The Ferrari FF


0-62 in 3.7 seconds

6.3-liter V12 and its 651 horsepower and 504 lb-ft of torque

Top Speed of 208mph

via Autoblog

“Fast Five” (Fast & The Furious 5) Teaser Trailer

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The new teaser is here!

and WTF, Han from Tokyo Drift is in this new one too. I guess it takes place before Tokyo Drift.

Mixed feelings with this. Umm, where are the imports racing? Seems like a typical cops and robbers flick.