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All In The Details

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I give props to these dudes who work on all the fine details for their 1/24th scale models.

Realistic enough that it can be played off IF placed in a photo realistic background.

Cherry Red Hatch

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Here’s a clean EK with a Acura EL/Honda Domani end conversion.  I can’t help notice those shiny BBS RS too!

photography by John Zhang  of

Sight For Sore Eyes

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Yeah, EK’s are everywhere, but to me, it’s rare to see one so clean.  Living in SoCal, it’s an everyday sight to see wack done up cars.

I can definitely appreciate anyone who has taken the time to put their time and effort into a car… of any sort! Especially when it comes to any Civic. It’s an everyday car that gets easily ruined by many.

This post goes out to my Honda enthusiasts buddies. They know a beauty when they see one.

One clean 96 Civic CX.  I love simple! 


Family Friendly

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Honda Orthia/Partner with a EK front end

MmMm Brozne TE37’s

I couldn’t find any specs on what motor this thing had, so its interesting to know the owner badged it as a Type R.

One Sexy EK

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Not much to say, this is clean as hell! CTR’d out…

The the wire tucked goodies! One fresh B16a!

FLOSSIN’! CCW LM16 Neo Chrome 16×8.5… DOPE!

too bad the owner sold this car earlier in the year. If I owned this, it would be hard for me to part with…

photos courtesy of Hasback Photography