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2013 DMC-EV DeLorean

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Seems like the DeLorean Motor Company of Texas is bringing an electric version of the infamous stainless steel DeLorean into the market.  No Flux Capacitor or 1.2.1 Jiggawatts of power needed! 😛

They will most likely have this introduced into the market in 2013.  It’s quite cool how the new company has a big stock of oem DeLorean parts, so they’ve been in good business restoring many DMC-12’s, along as putting an update on newer models.

Here’s how the DMCEV is going to look like.  You can expect to see them develop this into a production model over the next 2 years.

Notice how nice the updated interior looks. Plush leather, newly designed steering wheel, along with an iPod/iPhone dock.

via Jalopnik

Yo Doc! Fire Up the Flux Capacitor!

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October 26, 1985: Marks the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown tested the DeLorean time machine at the Twin Pine Mall aka the Puente Hills mall for us local 626 folks.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the first BIIF film. This is one of my favorite movies of all time! It was only right to pay homage to the film by throwing up an entry with some DeLorean’s.

A look into the DMC Delorean factory

Stainless Steel…Mmm

Love this shot! Looks as if its flying… lol


A repost from a few months ago, thought I’d throw it in.

So McFly!

Hella Dumped x Flux Capacitor = mcFLY?

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Coulda been fly… if it had better fitting wheels and the stock front! Better wheels and needs more poke!

Regardless, I’m sure Doc Brown would be proud!