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Boso Status

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Here’s a couple Bosozoku xB’s.

Interesting, not my steez, but definitely interesting…

That exhaust look pretty cool though, I give props on the work put out making that thing.

The yellow one might be familiar for those who frequent the blog. Practically one of my first car posts I made after starting this blog up earlier this year. (See HmMm JDM Boso Yellow xB Submarine)

Very interesting

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HmMmM…1999’ish Daihatsu Mira x Bus hybrid?

It would be siick if I had one of these. I would probably make it an ice cream truck or something. Who wouldn’t want to buy ice cream from me if I rolled in this? I mean, those damn food trucks are getting hella popular here in Southern Cali…

HmMm JDM Boso Yellow xB Submarine

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This is what happens when a Scion owner takes the whole staggered and crazy JDM boso trend way too seriously. He rockin’ flares for days! Whatever floats his boat…err I mean his submarine?!? Eh, not feeling it at all except for those exhaust tips. As for me, the boso trend is not my steez. I think it only flows on old school 70’s cars like the KGC10 Skylines.