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Randomness: NBA 2K12 featuring Michael Jordan – “Greatest Team Ever”

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I guess with the NBA lockout, I can always look forward to playing NBA 2K12.

Here’s a commercial featuring Michael Jordan with the “Great Team Ever”  Why does Drake look like he needs a haircut badly? Dude needs to get lined up, pronto! Brian Wilson of the San Francisco Giants, is just ridiculously funny!

The Decision: LeBron James signs with the Miami Heat!

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It’s official folks! LeBron James has signed with the Miami Heat!

Get it correct though Miami Fans, a powerhouse team consisting of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh doesn’t mean shit! I still see the Orlando Magic as strong contenders, not to mention, don’t sleep on the Chicago Bulls and don’t rule out the Boston Celtics.

Remember the powerhouse that my Lakers had back in 2004 season? That was a dream team of the west, but they got obliterated by the Detroit Pistons in the NBA Finals. Yeah, I’m still bitter about that, but proves that having the ultimate line up doesn’t mean shit!

2010-2011 season will be interesting for the east….

I wonder how it will pan out for these 3 to share the ball? D-Wade is still that dude! I don’t know how the attitudes will fair with those 3 on the floor…

photo courtesy of ESPN

The Decision: Where would LeBron go?

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In about 20 minutes, we will know where the most overrated player will go (Yeah, I’m a hater) When did it ever become a big deal where a player signs? When did a player ever request a special tv special with his own time slot to announce this?

I guess it’s big enough for even a hater like me to blog about it. lol

Where will LeBron James go?

Will it be in New York where he would join Amare Stoudemire?

Will it be in New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets where new majority owner Mikhail Prokhorov has taking reign along with co-owner Jay-Z.

Will it be in Chicago where Carlos Boozer has just signed?

Sources say he is close to joining Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami… Majority seems to say so, even fellow car head, Freddy of RA64Freddy is a bit excited.

Or will he stay loyal and stay in Ohio, in Cleveland with the Cavaliers?

Well, we’ll know in about 15 minutes!

My gut says he’ll stay a Cavalier, but it appears winning is more important to LeBron. Miami is the best bet at a chance at a ring.

Tune in on ESPN at 6:00pm Pacific/9:00pm Eastern to hear LeBron James’ decision.

Throwback Thursday: Nike Air Jordan III Commercial

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With the release of the Air Jordan III 25th Anniversary this upcoming Saturday. I thought it would be appropriate to post one of the Air Jordan III commercials this week starring Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon. Here’s Money Mike and Mars Blackmon in the Nike Air Jordan 3 commercial.

Nike Air Jordan III Silver Anniversary Edition and AJKO

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It’s that time again, the third series of the Air Jordan 25th Silver Anniversary line will be set to release this Saturday, March 27, 2010. It’s the Air Jordan III sporting the all white colorway with silver trimming. Decked out in white leather along with light grey elephant print. Price is $159.99

Also set to release this Saturday, is the long awaited AJKO retro.  These were probably the most rarest Air Jordan out there. Finding an OG pair in near or deadstock condition is tough! I think we had better luck winning the lottery than finding a pair. The wait is over though! They’re finally being retro’d even with added wear and tear on the soles (which I hate by the way, damn you Nike!) Price of the AJKO is $125, but you can pre-order them from my OG online SoCal shoe spot, Shoetrends, for $110 (White/Red only).

All three can be purchased at all UNDFTD retail stores along with other participating Jordan retailers.

Throwback Thursday: Nike Air Jordan 1 Commercial

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This Throwback Thursday is dedicated to the NBA’s greatest ever… Nuff said!

Throwback Thursday: Mitchell & Ness Limited Edition 1985 Jordan All-Star jersey

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Mitchell & Ness are the pioneers of bringing sports enthusiasts back to nostalgia. With more than a century of history, they continue to bring us back through the timeline with their line of throwback jerseys. Here it is, limited to 300, Michael Jordan’s 1985 NBA All-star East jersey commemorating the 25th anniversary of his first All-Star game.

Price will be $250. Click here to purchase: Mitchell & Ness 25th Anniversary 1985 All-Star Game Michael Jordan jersey

I would of have thought their prices would be lower these days, after the trend died out amongst rappers and the masses. This jersey is beyond nice, but I can’t justify myself dropping 250 on a screen printed jersey and probably would only wear it once. If they drop his rookie jersey once more, then that’s another story…