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Add PROLIFIK-ONE on Instagram!

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I still have this Instagram account around everyone! I do post every now and then, but just don’t have the time like I use to. Work is always taking up my time, along with personal time.

Click the link below to add me!

@PROLIFIK on Instagram!

CIB Collection: New Canibeat Tees and stickers now available

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More items  have dropped once again into the CIB collection. Two new Canibeat tees are now in stock! The “handstyle” tee comes in either white or black.




The dots Box Logo sticker now come in two new colors! Green and blue…




CANIBEAT License Plate Frames and 2 new Box Logo Stickers out now!

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Canibeat has just released a few new items from their new CIB collection. A limited run on license plates are now available.

Two new colors for the box logo stickers have also dropped…

Purple and Pink:

Black and Grey:


CANIBEAT Collection now available

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Canibeat is now expanding into their own clothing collection. Their debut begins with a limited run of a heather grey tee sporting the Canibeat box sticker logo. If you support the movement, get yours today! Pink and Teal box stickers are now in stock. Click on the respective image to purchase the items.

Pink Canibeat Box Logo Sticker

Teal Canibeat Box Logo Sticker

JDM EGO Logo Vinyl stickers back in stock @JDM EGO™ Direct

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The JDM EGO The Renaissance Logo Vinyl stickers are back in stock at JDM EGO™ They’re now sold individually, rather than the 2 pack they were previously sold in.  Price: $2.25 each shipped.

Photo courtesy of JDM EGO™

Wack Wednesdays: F*ck the haters…

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This Wack Wednesday is dedicated to the envious jealous people out there. Yes, you’re wack!

We live in a society where it’s hard to become successful without people expressing their hate. There’s always pessimists lurking through, making weak attempts to put those who succeed, down. Whether it’s becoming some type of superstar or being the admiration of attention amongsts hobbyist; there’s always someone out there who has to put their negative 2cents in. I know they have a right to their opinion, but talking out of their ass just doesn’t cut it.  All in all, it’s all good. Let them hate. People generally express hate in this manner because they’re simply envious. In their heads, they’re probably thinking “Man, I wish I would of done that.”

In essence, many of those successful people I’ve encountered have a good heart and deserve every bit of praise they deserve. As long as they stay down to earth and stay on their grind, I can’t be mad at them and offer my props.

This Wack Wednesday entry stems off of the drama over JDM EGO’s Yuckface sticker. Blah blah, “you copied Mr. Yuckface” People, people, people… Lighten up! Geez, it’s a sticker! Let people live…LOL  In my opinion, it’s 2010, out with the old and in with the new. Plus, the new Yuckface looks helluva lot better than what was used in the poison control campaign.

TO Jay of JDM EGO: Fuck the haters homie, keep doing what you do best!

“Go Ahead, Switch The Style Up, But If They Hate Then Let ‘Em Hate And Watch The Money Pile Up…” 50

Those who didn’t make that sticker as hot as it is…apparently are. Job well done Jay! Props!