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Green Lipped

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Pretty clean E36 M. Green lipped, white faced BBS RS.

photography by Mike Burroughs

Old School Bavarian Verts = Gangsta!

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Keep it old school and classy, I’d hella rock this E30 convertible. Looks so fuckin clean like this!

E30 Vert x A drop x BBS RS = Gangsta son!

The color is a bonus!

Damn cuz, should’ve kept it…

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I would always clown on my cousin Girard for getting rid of his E36. His E36 328i was clean, simple, nothing extreme but would often get looks for its wheel set up.

I would browse random forums and would find his E36 posted in random car threads not even related to BMW’s.

I often would show him these random posts that his old car popped up on and yep, he regrets getting rid of it.

All good, he’s gone JDM now, maybe he can do the same with his Q45, but then again he now has thoughts of getting rid of it to go euro again…. LOL

Rockin’ some dope Superstar Leon Hardiritt Ritters