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Kobe Bryant is “The Black Mamba”

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It finally debuts…

Nike x Robert Rodriguez x Kobe Bryant – “The Black Mamba”Official Trailer 2

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The second trailer for “The Black Mamba” which is set to debut in full during the NBA All-Star Break.

This one features kanYe West too…

Nike x Robert Rodriguez x Kobe Bryant – “The Black Mamba”Official Trailer 1

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Here’s the official trailer for the Robert Rodriquez directed short film featuring Kobe Bryant, The Black Mamba.

The Black Mamba: Nike x Kobe Bryant x Robert Rodriguez Film Trailer

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Curious to see how this project pans out…

Nike Kobe “Banner” Tee

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Truth in numbers:

It follows 15. It precedes 17.

It’s natural. Composite. Square.

And it shows up all over the place from the moment in time cultures all across the globe started weighing, measuring, splitting, dividing and otherwise finding proper ways to quantify things.

So quantify this:

From snow-plowed Minneapolis, Minnesota to sun-soaked Los Angeles, California.

Spanning the depths of the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Highlighted in the spotlight showers of Hollywood.

Sped up by the no-look, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Showtime ambiance.

Reignited by the seductive striking power of Black Mamba.

However you add it up:

The Lakers are set to hang Banner 16.

Dropping soon at a local nike store, according to

Kobe Bryant – “All Together Now”

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It’s great to see Nike put this together for Kobe Bryant which aired during the NBA Finals lastnight. It’s basically to celebrate the Black Mamba’s quest for that 5th ring.

When you watch this, the song and the man singing may sound a bit familiar to some of you hip hop heads. It’s none other than Andrew 3000 from the duo Outkast! It’s good to see him back on something like this. Here’s Andre 3K’s interpretation of the Beatles track, All Together Now