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I love the bronze metallic/sepia toned colors. Itt looks even more appealing on an E46.

Deep Red Beauty

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I’m feelin’ the color scheme on this E36.  Lovin’ the overall setup and stance. Clean!

photo by a.paulasaari photography

BMW M3 CRT (Carbon Racing Technologies)

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Another useless edition in my opinion. BMW sure knows how to create hype for their buyers when it comes down to the end of the production run for their E90 series. Another reason why I believe it’s useless is it’s price tag of a 185K. Yup, you read right. Yes it does come with a few carbon fiber goodies. I wish they would have at least put the carbon fiber roofs that their E92 M brothers have.

Here’s the BMW M3 CRT’s (short for Carbon Racing Technologies) video introduction.

Leaked 2012 BMW 1 Series Photos

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So the overhauled 2012 1 series photos have been leaked prior to their debut at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. EH, I don’t think it’ll cause any breathtaking reactions. Probably the only series  in their line up that has bland styling. What do you think?

via AutoBlog

Far From Feminine

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The thing with the new Z4’s is I love how it finally strayed away from the whole “chick” car look. Over the previous generations such as the Z3, I never was fond of how it looked.

The GT3 is definitely something else! This shit is just flat out siick!

Bavarian UTE?

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This will take some getting use to.

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2011 Geneva Auto Show: BMW Alpina B5 Bi-Turbo Touring

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I’ve always been a fan of the Alpina B7’s.  This wagon looks even more desirable in a 5 series wagon in my opinion.

Wagon Bi-Turbo <3!


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Tiffany Colored BBS RS on this clean 2002.

E30 V10 Beast

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You gotta love these types of build posts as much as I do.

This E30 went from this

to this

to this

Thread can be found here with tons of pictures

Still My Favorite Wheels

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The VOLK TE37 in Bronze…

TE37 love on a E30…

Documentary: Ex-Chief Designer BMW, Chris Bangle.

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Great interview clip in which they explore the artistic mind of BMW’s ex-chief designer, Chris Bangle.

American car designer Chris Bangle is best known for his work as the Chief of Design at the BMW Group. At the age of thirty-five, Bangle took the helm of design at BMW and stayed there for seventeen years becoming their longest serving director. During his sometimes controversial career at BMW, Bangle undeniably established himself as one of the most influential and important car designers of his generation, while BMW simultaneously passed Mercedes Benz to take the title of global leader in premium car sales. Well-known for standing by his designs and vehemently defending them against criticism, Bangle retired from BMW in late 2009, after introducing his stunning concept car GINA. In 2010, Bangle brought his extensive knowledge and unique insight of design to Melbourne, where he featured in Victoria’s annual design festival State of Design. caught up with Chris on his road trip to Bendigo, where he was giving one of his lectures on the Future of Personal Mobility.

via BMWBlog

The Silliness

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I usually don’t talk shit about what people do to their cars on here, but damn, this is hella OD!

Seriously, good job on the leather wrap of a wheel, but really… is it necessary?