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W108 Steez

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Classic Merc with BBS swag.


A3 <3

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One of the few wagons on the market that I hella jock.  Shit just looks dope once it’s dumped on some nice wheels.  So simple in my eyes that it never gets old.

Those BBS LM’s are serious!

Within Dry Grasslands

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A simple xB dumped on Matte Olive Drab BBS RS. They still look nice in flat colors… lol

Green Lipped

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Pretty clean E36 M. Green lipped, white faced BBS RS.

photography by Mike Burroughs

White on White

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Yeah, I know, another photo of a car with BBS RS’. hahah

One clean white E30 vert on some BBS RS.

I like the centercap used on this one, not the typical screw on one that we all normally see. This one seems a lot cleaner with this one. The gold bolts is a nice touch!

SMART to add nice wheels? Of course!

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Never was feeling the SMART car, but of course you got to give it some cars a chance. Cool wheels on a SMART car? Definitely is smart!

This one in particular on BBS LM’s..

Not Bad

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Some people should know by now I’m a Toyota fanboy, but for some reason. I kinda hate Scion tC’s. lol

Maybe it’s because it’s a Toyota equivalent to the Honda Civic. I see them daily here in So Cal.

Plus, I’ve see too many that are over done. I guess with age, I’ve grown accustomed to simplicity when it comes to certain cars.

This one is one tC that I like. I won’t get into my dislike with trendy stuff such as roof racks that aren’t used by the owner (I do apologize if they are actually used), but this one gets a pass!

A perfect drop on some BBS RS. So easy on the eyes….