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ECF: Game Five Down – The Orlando Magic win at home!

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Boston fans, did you all think this series was a wrap or what? I thought I would start writing about the NBA Eastern Conference Finals too for my blog. This series, like the West, has taken a new turn! A new turn to a better, exciting whole new series!

The Orlando Magic pulled a second straight win, this time at home in Orlando. Just when we thought there was no hope for the Magic, everyone believed it was going to be a sweep! It was great to see everyone on the Orlando Magic team pull it together and play some great defense along with ripping the boards. They were straight killing them!

Dwight Howard was a bit quite in my opinion this series. It’s not the beast that I witnessed last season, but he is indeed trying.  He ended the game tonight for the Magic with 21 points and 10 rebounds; while his partner in crime, Jameer Nelson lead the night with 24 points and 5 assists.

Keep in mind, no NBA team has come from an 0-3 deficit and won the series. The way I see it, there’s always a first for everything! History was made a few weeks back in the NHL by the Philadelphia Flyders by coming from an 0-3 deficit to defeat the Boston Bruins. Ironically, it was a Boston team that blew it, can we see the same in the 2010 NBA Playoffs? Can the Magic be that type of  team? Probably, if they play the way they played these past two games, I wouldn’t doubt them at all.

What looked like an obvious matchup just a few days ago between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics rematch Finals has faded away now. Game 6 between the Boston Celtics and the Orlando Magic is this Friday, the 28th at 5:30pm Pacific/8:30pm Eastern.