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One very clean RA



Worry-free Car Buying For Casino High Rollers

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Some simple tips for making a smart car purchase

The adage that “sports cars are for champion cardsharks” has some grain of truth about it. Whether one cashes out from big or small tournaments, professional casino players always rank a car on top of their shopping list. Some players even opt to apply for a loan just to purchase the car of their dreams when their actual winnings fall short of the vehicle’s huge price tag. Indeed, buying automobiles is a serious business for any casino roller.

Obtaining a brand new car is a mind-boggling decision that victors on the felt-layered tables of casinos are occasionally faced with. These winners are unfortunate, since there are some lucky ones who participate and win in tournaments that already include a top-of-the-line car as one of its prizes. One such fortunate lad is 2013 Aussie Millions Championship winner Mervin Chan, who brought home the latest model of a Chrysler 300-C from event sponsor Bet Fair Casino. But for those who only have cash-on-hand, it is always good to remember some tips in acquiring a brand-new car.

Always seek an expert’s advice
In purchasing a new car, it would help a lot to ask for some expert analysis. There are many casino aficionados who are also car enthusiasts, like World Series of Poker (WSOP) player Dan Bilzerian who collects and drives top-of-the-line sports cars. Three things must borne out of these consultations: the price ranges and quotations of cars, the most economical cars in the market (which refers not only to the price but also factors such as fuel consumption and future customization), and the best car dealers available in town.
Gauge one’s financial viability

During the decision-making process, a casino high-roller must temper the risk of buying a new car by assessing whether he can sustain a huge investment; this includes future maintenance and customization. Remember that engaging in poker, craps or slots makes a player vulnerable to the high stakes involved in these games. And unless s he has amassed winnings that are more than enough to acquire, say a Porsche 911, casino players should postpone procuring a new sports car at the moment.

AB Porsche 911 TECHART GT

Great grey exterior matte finish of the Porsche 911. Customization of such vehicles must also be accounted in assessing the financial viability and costs of purchasing a new car.

Think of the car as an investment
When the boxes in a car checklist have all been ticked, a player must proceed in getting his new machine. It is important to look at these purchases as good investments, which may come in handy, especially during cases of an unexpected financial turnabout; when properties like cars serve as collaterals. It is, thus, advisable to ponder very carefully if buying a pre-owned vehicle is a smart choice, as well as not getting involved in car leases from dubious dealers.

Video Track of the Day: J. Cole featuring Miguel – “Power Trip”

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Here’s Cole World’s, J. Cole, with “Power Trip” featuring Miguel. This is off his sophomore album, Born Sinner. Cop that if you haven’t already!

Add PROLIFIK-ONE on Instagram!

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Alright, been gone from a long hiatus. I’ve just been hella busy. I always felt guilty neglecting this. I know I’ve always said I’ll come back to it, but never found the will and the free time these days. I’m usually just caught up with other projects, busy with work, and just flat out busy with my social life.

I’m an Instagram addict, so if you want to see cars, girls, and random bullshit like you have on this site; then feel free to add me. Click the link below to add me!

@PROLIFIK1 on Instagram!


IRON MAN 3 (2nd Theatrical Trailer)

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Holy sh*t! The 3rd film looks insane! Hall of Armor in action including the Hulk Buster! I seriously can’t wait til May!

Video Track of the Day: Ne-Yo feat. French Montana – Let Me Love You (Remix)

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Another sleepless night, which gives me some time to catch up on some blogging.

Feeling this version, it’s pretty dope! Here’s Ne-Yo featuring French Montana with the remix to “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)”

A$AP Rocky featuring 2 Chainz, Drake, & Kendrick Lamar – Fuckin’ Problems

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Damn, been a long minute since I’ve posted anything. I’m just trying to get back into the routine for now since I’ve been busy with other things these days. My deep apologies for neglecting all this. Just reformatted my pc so I have to dig through for more car porn to post up. In the mean time, I’ve got that A$AP on heavy rotation lately in the car.

That Kendrick Lamar verse shits on everyone else’s on the track. lol