Welcome visitors! Welcome to my blog! I’m just an average dude in love with everyday lifestyle and culture! From art, fashion, hip hop, all the way down to cars! I post what I like. I post anything related to my hobbies too. Not only that, I try to post whatever current events interest me. Anything and everything, whether it is of important or just plain out random bullshit.

I appreciate any input/comments and mos definitely thank you for visiting my site! Spread the word around…


Note: I do not claim any of these photos/videos posted within this blog, unless it was specifically noted that I shot the photos/videos myself. All the photos/videos showcased here gets credit to their respective owners.

Join the PROLIFIK-ONE Crew!: I wouldn’t mind getting help either. I’d like to give opportunities to those who want to contribute to the hobbies we share. It’s all about creating networks, making friends, and pretty much enjoying the things we do in life. Feel free to hit me up!

5 Responses to “About PROLIFIK-ONE”

  1. Weekly Car meet
    Hello everyone,
    I am hosting a weekly car meet, every Tuesday, starting this Tuesday, August 31st. at 7pm. Everyone (ALL MAKES AND MODELS) is more than welcome to come. Spread the word!!!

    Place: PHO-KING Delicious
    9350 Corbin Ave
    Northridge, CA 91324

    Time: 7:00 p.m.

    Meet, Greet, Eat and Enjoy!!!


  2. Aloha Rene! Sorry, i lost your contact info and still would like to give you a Crooks shirt. Call me (949) 463-9612 and lets meet up.


  3. How’s it going Rene?

    Greetings from the Chi! Been lurking around your joint for a while now. Figured it was time to say that I’m a fan of your spot. I especially love the “Random Dope Girl” of the day! Keep up the awesome work!

    Take it easy,

    • I’m doing quite well Mr. Cid! Thank you very much for the kind comments sir! I myself is a fan of your blog too! I definitely respect auto enthusiasts like yourself. I really don’t know how you guys do it, it’s tough for me to update my own blog when I’m stuck reading everyone else’s! lol

      Once again, thanks for the love! Keep doing you’re thing as well!


  4. Aloha Rene! I still want to give you a Crooks shirt. We’re getting ready to drop da new MFEST x Crooks Collabo shirt for 2011. Call me (949) 463-9612


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